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Originally Posted by jobe1980 View Post
wow i can't believe that a normal person can not play STO after paying $80 for a game! why is cryptic asking for more money. people want to play for the 30 days, not to buy a game card extra to even start playing, your collectors box does not say anything about requiring more money to play. not everyone has a credit card so that's not a fair option for us. the only fair option is to pay for a game card that are not out yet.

I have operated a PC/CONSOLE arcade for some time now, im just speaking for my customers and to let anyone know..... based on my input from feedback, i suspected to have STO on all PC's and to have them mostly being used to play it.... instead i find an average of 7 out of 28 being used to play STO. Recently when asked why don't you play, a couple said it won't let them because their parents couldn't afford the credit at the moment even tho i am sure they had the cash... unfortunately i haven't found game cards available yet... stores near my location do not have them yet..... please post if any stores have first.

the game is new so even I expect their to be certain issues.......
unfortunately 11 year old's have their own opinion, I tell them to stick with it, don't quit all together before you make a decision, it better to have your leveled character early so you can "casually play" and see what happens with the game....if you want to "take a break" for a month, that's fine but keep informed on their website, do your homework, and when it's safe and it calls for you, all you have to do is get a game card and play....

i personally really do want STO to succeed as a great source of online entertainment.
I also know there's a way to do it where everyone wins, as a programmer nobody can tell me how hard it is to program, truthfully i find programming fun rather than "hard to do", if anything there is a lot of typing. At first STO was completely different than what i originally expected. i thought it would be much bigger, but that can still happen..... i am enjoying what there is so far in STO, personally i like fair open pvp in non home land sectors, and at-least some police in non deapspace/boarder surrounding areas. maybe even full axis turning because i have a joystick and it makes no sense to use it now for me. besides that, i love what they did with ships and trees, music is great and makes me feel like im watching the show.

anyway i hope this clears some things up everyone

Where I live, or abit close to a Best Buy, they had time cards, maybe whereever you live they haven't gotten them yet.
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Originally Posted by jobe1980 View Post
i know too many people who canceled the subscription just because they didn't want to pay with their credit card... mainly cause it would cost them more in the long run and its cheaper just paying straight up cash for the game card.....

you can still just play the 30 days that you were suppose to get and now, you just had to transmit your credit card info for NO REASON.... nice job...

its not required if i can cancel it and still play.....

so its kinda false statement...
the box says "subscription required" subscription means payment, this has been the same for every MMO since Lineage2 at the least since i have played MMOs since then. PayPal is just a recent add in to payment plans. there isn't a pay to play MMO out there that doesn't require some form of payment before you play, even with a 30 day "free play time"

Originally Posted by Vistu
Really? perhaps you should look over the box and do a bit more research. I have "highlighted" 2 lines on your post that are simply amazing.

#1 that is marked in red will be the first topic of "discution" here. I just want to point out that on the back of the game cover it does state and I quote "Subscription Required-30 Days of Game Time Included With Purchase". It goes agin to say this exact same thing on the back of the game box itself. This could have been your first clue as to the fact that you will have to "purchase" more game time. However, if you were still confused I would like to direct your attention to the instruction booklet. Please turn to page 3 with me and look at the top of the page. The paragraph printed there says this, I will type it out for you just incase you don't see the same page 3 that I do. This of course is word for word from the booklet.

"Your registration key includes 30 days of access to Star Trek Online. Afterwards, you will be responsible for a subscription fee based on the subscription plan that you choose during registration. You may change or cancel your subscription at any time by visiting"
Like i just said, "subscription required" subscription means payment info of some sort.

Originally Posted by spoo
That's not his issue. The issue is after purchasing a MMO that includes 30 days of play time, why does one have to enter credit information or a game card code, to take advantage of the 30 free days.
See above

I do however have a side note, he has a PC "arcade" that he runs, so let me ask.

OP do you sell physical items at this arcade? snacks or anything? If so then you know how to set up a supply of "stock" from a vendor.... here is a crazy, totally wacky idea which will net you some more money, and will benefit your shop with encouraged gameplay/computer use. contact cryptic/atari, and arrange to sell game time cards!! no Credit for your customers, more money for you and cryptic! but don't just stop there, arrange for the procurment and resale of time cards for other popular MMOs!! if you don't or can't do this (outside atari refusing to set up the supplies) then it is your bad not anyone elses since this should be a no brainer! supply and demand!

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