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Just as the title says.

I know I can post up to 40 per character, but often times I am working on a single character and it can be a hassle to switch to another, especially when I am selling DOFFs.

If I could go from 40 to 80 exchange spots for 500 zen, I would do it in a heartbeat.

Some may say that the additional slots would cause a flood of sorts as more people who play the exchange post more items. Well, if anything, the market in some areas could use major corrections. There would be more of a war to have the lowest priced item as those are the ones usually viewed first. I think it's a good thing.

So, what do you think, Cryptic? I think it's a win-win. You all make a little money and we all get more spots to post exchange items. You all have given us more space to store items in our banks. Why not more spots on the exchange. I don't think the memory capacity would suffer too much.

To answer your question, yes. - @Executive_Emily - I have a Website? Oh, yeah! I do.

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