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Well having not played EVERY MMO, I can't rank this as the worst ever. I still am a trekkie or trekker at heart so even if I don't continue to play this game after the first month, that won't change. I do agree there are still several flaws in the game, but unlike many I don't believe they will be fixed anytime soon.

******** is king based soley on numbers, and unfortunately that does help keep blizz or any compnay running and allows them to pump out more expansions etc. I don't believe STO will have that kind of capitol to continue long enough to possibly address some of the many things they wanted to have incorporated by launch.

With EVE and SWG already out there years before STO finally materialized, I don't think there was any real reason (including time and money) why Cryptic/Perpetual/My Neighbors cat couldn't expand more on the space aspect. Honestly space should be as deeep as STOs creation, even looking at the intros for ST, the ship is always to be seen and rarely do you see highlights of the away missions. Not unless Tasha Yar is taking a hot black tar bath that is SW, its solely about the dark and light side of the farce (err force) and a big giant ball with one eye in the sky and some triangles with tons of guns defending it, bravely fighting off a horsehose sized ship with a DISHTV dish on top. Somehow they still managed to make a hell of an attempt thats better at space than STO right now.

I really really hated SWG after NGE but I still believe it's got one of the best crafting aspects in MMO and definately space..NOT SPACE COMBAT, just space it terms of ships. Not the models, but the ability to placing machinery to gather your resources and constant trial and error to build the best part for a certain ship. Also after you put that part on the ship you can actually enter the ship and walk around inside of it. Not a cookie cutter 1 of 4 different enternal maps either. You can still dress the interior up appropriately and put storage inside (defining a cargo bay), all the while the battle can still be heard going on outside if that was the moment at hand.

O and while I hate to breed "trolls", opinion is an opinion no matter what, not everybody has the time to live and breathe on forums to keep up to date on replies. So if a hit and run is needed to leave your's my hit, now i gotta run..gotta stock up on more beer for the "give it to the Saints Bowl"

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