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Before we start with the inevitable flaming and "spec dps" trollposts let me remind you: i will ask Cryptic to shut this topic down if anyone decides to ignore this warning. Keep it civil and friendly, or keep it to yourself.

Let me first start with saying that so far i've had alot of fun, i myself play an escort class Tactical, built around rapid fire exposure and high yield for the finishing touch, that said, my pvp experience in space capture/hold maps is lovely to say the least. However, i came to notice a rather big mistake in the pvp system: It penalizes teamplay. You want to fix shields, play support or repair systems/hull, you'll not get any additional points. In fact, science players and support cruiser players may just as well forget playing anything other than missions, since none of the aforementioned actions grants points.

My suggestion to help alleviate this problem is simple: Give players points for using abilities that cripple an enemy/heal an ally, but not for something that helps themselves. That way you can get alot more out of support without getting idle-repairers who just grind matches.

As usual, it is my wish to see the game flourish, given time and effort i believe it will. But not as long as science and support cruiser players keep getting the short end of the stick just for doing their part to help us glass cannons do our job.
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02-07-2010, 06:44 AM
... no duh?

the people saying "spec dps" are talking about the current state of the game.

it's be nice if shield damage and healing counted towards fleet action ranking, but it does not. i don't think anyone will disagree with your post. one thing that should be considered is balance when/if they implement it.
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02-07-2010, 07:08 AM
I had a T3 match the other day where I healed for 60-80k or so, and received 19 medals and < 100 skill points (and of course that doesn't count shield heals and other team support)

I still like PvP and do a fair bit of it, and it's still nice leveling speed if the groups are solid, but getting the lowest rewards even if I end up being the "battle decider" (apologies if that sounds arrogant, but sometimes it's true) is disappointing.
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02-07-2010, 09:56 AM
Wheem: No need to sound arrogant: sometimes pvp matches are won or lost purely because of support. As for the current state of the game, they can fix it. And if they're anything as smart as i hope they are, they'll fix it soon. Obviously there's a lot that needs doing, klingons need their D7's (seriously. I'm a cruiser player stuck in a bird of prey ;- and overall we need more balance. Let's just hope for the best and hang in there. As for me, i want to go up one tier, so i'mma go do that now. Good luck y'all.

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