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# 1 Two players on same network?
02-07-2010, 10:39 AM
my missus and I have both created a character on a single install of STO as neither of us were sure about it, it is our first adventure into MMO's. We have now both decided that we enjoy the game and are thinking about getting a second copy so that she can play on her machine at the same time.
I have searched and found pages upon pages of things about home networks but nothing that seems to answer my questions.

1. Is this permittable to have one on my machine and another different copy on her machine?

2. If this is allowed, are there limits on your interaction in game? Can we trade and work on missions together or is this against terms of use?

3. Is it possible to transfer the chracter that she created on my account to her account when she buys her own copy? Or will she have to start again? (she's currently Ltn3)

4. Is there anything else we should know before we go out and get a second copy and subscription for her?

Our net connection is 18mb down / 2mb up unlimited so connectivity isnt an issue and both our machines are able to run the game ok.
Really look forward to hearing from someone about this!
Cheers all!
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# 2
02-07-2010, 10:43 AM
1.) You can install MMOs on as many machines as you want, since all the registration is tied to your account.

2.) There's no limits if you have 2 copies of the game, if you only have one, generally you'll only be able to run 1 instance of that account.

3.) She'll need to restart as charactor transfers aren't being offered atm.

4.) Long as you know you'll need 2 copies of the game as well as 2 subscriptions.
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# 3
02-07-2010, 10:48 AM
the only restriction is that you need two game accounts. one for each of you. other then that no restrictions you can interact just like you would with anyone else. only difference is you faster communication ,assumeing your in the same room.

as for transfering the charactor i dont knkow. other mmos do it but its costs a chunk of cash. shes only ltn 3 i would just suggest starting over. You'll have to delete the other one if you want the same name.

one thing you can do is take all the items that are not bound to you and credits(i think) and give them to your charactor and give them back after her charactor is made.
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# 4
02-07-2010, 10:56 AM
Originally Posted by Urithair View Post
as for transfering the charactor i dont knkow. other mmos do it but its costs a chunk of cash. shes only ltn 3 i would just suggest starting over. You'll have to delete the other one if you want the same name.
You won't need to delete the version of the character that's already on Account A.

You can use the exact same character name on Account B. It doesn't matter. Character names are not unique in this game; it tracks your account name as a unique identifier.

As other posters have said, you will need two copies of the game, two accounts, and two subscriptions.

All you need to have two people playing together is a pair of accounts. It's even technically possible to run two accounts from the same computer - so long as you're paying for a pair of subscriptions, the company doesn't care if they're connecting from the same IP address, or even being paid by the same credit card.
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# 5
02-07-2010, 11:08 AM
My wife and I play exactly in the same way (2 accounts, 2 subscriptions, 1 network).

As others have said, the only thing you should be aware of is that you have to pay 2 subscriptions if you want to play together. There are no restrictions for trading, playing together, etc.

Pay to play MMO's are different from free to play with donations and/or microtransactions.

In the latter, they usually restrict interaction between characters from the same IP, because they don't want multis to gain an unfair advantage in the game and bypass donations and/or microtransactions. You can differentiate these f2p games because they usually offer referral bonuses for in-game money or items, or give donators access to special bonuses.

In the former, microtransactions tend to only be cosmetic, so they don't lose any money by multis. In fact, they actually love multis, since it makes them more money. You just pay X subscriptions and X retail keys for X accounts. Referrals in LotRO for example only gives you a free month of subscription if your referral subscribes.

It's probably the biggest reason why my wife and I play p2p MMO's instead of f2p ones. We play a game so that we can work together, pool our resources together (between the two of us, we have one of every crafting class in LotRO), and share a common interest. Playing f2p ones tends to only accomplish the last one, with constant reminders that we cannot co-operate at all.

Edit: oh and to take it to an extreme, one player can even play multiple copies of the game him/herself. I have friends who dual-box games to reduce the need to team up. But you should see this,6...n-11-PCs/News/
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# 6
02-07-2010, 11:52 AM
Cheers for the heads up all!

I presumed two accounts and two different copies with subscriptions would be required, I think we are going to use the "free" 30 days on my account and then decide if we both actually want our own seperate accounts/subscriptions or if it's not going to hold both of our attentions for long enough to warrent two long subscriptions for two people.

I'm sure we will go for it though as both of us are enjoying it a hell of a lot right now!!

Many Thanks All!
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# 7
02-07-2010, 12:43 PM
I hope yall both stay with it, maybe two life subs. And i hope the game always progress's as the players rank up, as in expansions etc. so it will provide years of enjoyment. Happy Treking

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