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# 1 Question about the login queue
02-07-2010, 11:54 AM
Just want to start by saying this isn't a complaint thread, I just have a question about the login queue.

Twice yesterday when logging onto STO I was put into the login queue. The first time I was 1033 out of 1033 and the second time i was 545 out of 545 or something. I waited as my place in line moved up, however, both times I was talking to my friend over the phone and he logged in both times shortly after I entered the queue and he got on right away without having to wait in line. After he said that, I cancelled the queue/login attempt, went back to the main screen, and tried logging in again and I was immediately put into the game, even though on the queues I was still a few hundred people away from being at the "front of the line".

So my question is this:

What determines who gets put into a login queue and who doesn't?

Also, is the queue bugged, or slow to update? Like is it initially showing how long the wait is correctly, but then not updating fast enough or something?

Finally, has anyone else experienced this? Is it better to just ignore the queue in favor of trying to repeatedly log on to the server the old fashioned way (repeatedly trying to log on and cancelling/trying again when you don't get on the first time)?

Again, not complaining. Just wondering if there's a reason to wait 30+ minutes in a queue if it would be faster to just repeatedly hit the login button.


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