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What is the role of this skill? At present the other skills in the Starship Engineering category seem to far outweigh this but I assume that there has been some consideration of this skill having value. Science ships seem to get a boost to Aux suggesting a role for Aux in the science repertoire but I'm not sure how spending points here would factor in.

As a test, I've been running with my Aux set at 50% in my science ship which gets me some better strength to Tachyon and Sensor Sweep and Tractor Beam (I assume). This has seemed to be affective. However, the Aux is not a power system that is reduced by use (like weapons) so Emergency Power to Aux is just a temporary boost that would be useful for just a moment to activate another power which would take advantage of that boosted Aux level.

I'm curious how others are using Aux and if people are using it at all or if science and engies are just all going full blown dps.

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