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# 1 Ground Combat AI is terrible
02-07-2010, 12:39 PM
What is up with enemy AI during ground combat? No matter what I do, every enemy attacks only me.

I've had my away team throw grenades to pull them, I can stand around and do nothing just letting the rest of my squad fight, but regardless, the enemy will attack only me. It makes doing ground missions a serious pain, I can't survive more than a few seconds if there's more than 5 enemies in the fight. Is there a threat bug or something, or is this going to be the normal? ~sigh~

Also, another small thing, maybe. I've noticed Klingon Swordmasters are ridiculously powerful, are they supposed to be so strong? One attack round from their dual pistols completely takes off my shields. And in close combat they're taking about 1/3 of my health per swing. =/

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