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[[Edited for better clarification of my suggestion]]

I have a bit of feedback and suggestion for a power of my Engineering BOff.

The power is an Ensign level one called Weapons Malfunction I. For those who don't know, it overloads a target's weapon, preventing them from firing (phaser, disruptor etc) It also applies a resistance to any additional malfunctions for a short time afterwards.

I do like this skill very much, but there seems to be a bit of a .. snafu with it.

As an example, I was on the Starbase 24 Fleet action part where you go into the station to assist with helping the scientists and gathering data. You fight Klingons and their war wargs there.

My Engineer BOff was doing great, disabling the Klingon's ranged weapons, forcing them to come close in melee.

.... until he started using it against the war wargs. These creatures do not have ranged weaponry, just claws.

That brings up another point of the description of the skill, as it states in only occurs in certain circumstances. But it seems to be being used on anything and every mob. (One can tell if it works as sparks flies from the target's hands/claws etc)

Here is my suggestion.

Make some sort of code or flag on the ranged weapons an opponent can use, and a code in the programming of the Weapons Malfunction I skill. That way, the BOff only uses it on creatures/targets who have the code that shows a ranged weapon is in their hands/claws.

Otherwise, it wastes the power on something that it could have been used on.

On a related note, one could also make it so the skill could be dragged to a player's hotbar and use it when appropriate. There is just the options of turning it off (r click it and it reds out) letting them use it whenever, or clicking it yourself.
Lt. Commander
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02-08-2010, 12:02 AM
Edited original post to clarify things better so please check it out!

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