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02-09-2010, 09:25 AM
Originally Posted by RazorX70
FACT is, StarWars Galaxies thrived, and did better BECAUSE of the NewGameEnhancements. Yes many players left and threw a hissy fit, because so much changed, BUT the most part is was all change for the best, because it opened up accessability to far more players, and more players joined to play, because of the NGE. Can't believe all you read online. The idiots who left in a hissy fit, are the ones who you find STILL online today crying about the NGE, but left 4+ years ago, and never came back to experience how much a better game it ended up being overall.

HAD NGE never occured, SWG wouldn't be in its' 6th year atm. SWG didn't have a "downfall", it's still going well. They did merge and then shut down a bunch of dead servers a while back, so no there's not as many players as there was in its prime, but fact remains, its prime was ABOUT the time of the NGE, when they made it accessable for all.

I also bet there's more active SWG players at present than there are StarTrek Online ones.

After 5+ years myself I'm bored with it, but it's still a far superior game than STO.
yes because losing 200k people for the sake of 50k saved the game

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