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"Pilot I demand you give me control of Moya's Navigation NOW!"
"I am sorry captain D'Argo but Moya is not responding to me in this new form."
"This freling mess is all because of John and his wormholes!"
"Hey! Dont blame me! I told you not to go near it. Hell if you want to blame someone blame Stark he convinced Moya that Zhaan was here." John turned to the forward view port. "Pilot what can you tell us about the area we came to."
"Commander Crichton, I can not spend any more time with your inquires. Moya is scared and refuses to move until she knows what has happened to us. She does not understand why we have all changed. It is all I can do to keep her from sending the DRDs to attack us all."
"Okay, Okay cool it pilot don't have a melt down." John turned back to D'Argo, "Stark is the only one that knows what the hell this place is we got to find him."
"Agreed, I Sent Chiana, Rygel, and Aeryn to look for him."
"yeah Aeryn?"
"Chiana and I found 2 transport pods missing."
"Two! who else is missing?" growled D'Argo.
"I'm not sure" chimed in Chiana, "but you 2 might want to come down here and see this!"
"We are on our way." John reached down and pulled his pulse pistol. "lets be ready for anything big guy."
"Gladly," stated D'Argo as he pulled his qualta blade.
"Aeryn, Chiana we're here whats going on?" John jogged in with D'Argo right behind him.
The 2 females were kneeling beside a blue form.
"John," breathed D'Argo, "thats Zhaan!"
Zhaan's eyelids fluttered open briefly. "Greetings my dearest old friends." her eye lids closed once more.
The 4 crew mates looked around at each other. A new figure walks into the area.
"I have discovered how to use these appendages you call legs." the being stated.
"That's just great pilot," John said as he looked upon pilot's new form, "just great."
John raised his hand and rubbed his eyes.
My name is John Crichton, 'I'm lost'
An Astronaut, 'Shot through a wormhole'
In some distant part of the universe, 'I'm trying to stay alive'
Aboard this ship, 'This living ship'
Of escaped prisoners, 'My friends'
If you can hear me? 'Beware!'
If I make it back? 'Will they follow?'
If I open the door? 'Are you ready?'
Earth is unprepared, 'Helpless'
For the nightmares, 'I've seen'
Or should I stay? 'Protect my home?'
Not show them, 'You exist?'
But then you'll never know, 'The wonders I've seen!'
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04-22-2014, 08:06 AM
will continue if there is interest
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04-22-2014, 08:18 AM
Please do. I enjoy a good fan fic.
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04-22-2014, 08:28 AM
i do have a kdf crew based off this story
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Originally Posted by mysticwalsh View Post
i do have a kdf crew based off this story
Then you'll probably have to get the new lockbox ship. Doesn't look like Moya... But it's a living ship at least^^
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04-22-2014, 08:41 AM
should i make a foundation mission?
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Originally Posted by revandarklighter View Post
Then you'll probably have to get the new lockbox ship. Doesn't look like Moya... But it's a living ship at least^^
If pilot has legs im sure Moya has changed too!
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“So let’s recap here,” John stated as he paced around the remaining crew of Moya in the mess hall. “Sparky, Jool, and Stark are off Moya in transport pods. In what order we don’t have a clue, Zhaan is back somehow lying unconscious in her old room, and everyone but me and Aeryn has mutated in some way, oh and Zhaan doesn’t look too different either.”
“His insistent pacing is giving me a frelling headache,” complained D’Argo to Chiana.
“John, quit acting like a negnec and sit down,” Aeryn said. She reached out and tugged on his arm as he paced towards her. “None of your actions are helping us get out of this dren.”
“Well I think out new looks are pretty drad!” Chiana stated as she looked at her arms.
Aeryn gave her a disgusted look and turned to Pilot. “Pilot how is Moya now? Pilot?”
Pilot stopped his own inspection of his new form. “Officer Sun, I have told you that while I can still sense Moya thru what Commander Crichton calls Telepathy, It is not the same as before.” Pilot looked down at his new legs. “It is difficult to access her systems without the direct connection we once shared. Regardless, Moya has calmed down more but still refuses to move a single henta until she has more answers to what has happened to her.”
“Pilot, have the DRDs finished their inspection of Moya?” D’Argo asked.
“The DRDs are still investigating Moya’s interior, the starburst chamber is no longer there and instead a new type of device resides in a much bigger room that has taken up my chamber and most of the central nerve clusters. Moya herself has become bigger and she’s adapting to her new size. She herself does not know what she is capable of though. She has informed me that she can no longer starburst but she feels that she can move if the need arrives.”
Chiana stopped looking at herself, “No starburst? That’s bad isn’t it? What if we’re attacked?”
“Calm down Pip,” John sighed as he sat down. “We weren’t gonna starburst anyways till Rygel and the others are found.”
“My ship hasn’t changed as far as I can tell and we still have one more transport pod active,” D’Argo looked over to Aeryn. “We would have had 2 ships capable of fighting if some hazmot hadn’t decided to tear her ship apart.”
“My Wraith was running low on chakkan oil and needed an overhaul,” began Aeryn heatedly. “If John hadn’t barrowed my spare parts for his module updates I would have been finished a long time ago.”
“Whoa, whoa, whoa! It was you and ‘Captain’ numbnuts here that made me put weapons on my module to begin with. It’s not my fault Jool took over and told me I was doing it all wrong. Besides we have another problem,” John sighed. “My wormhole tech isn’t working anymore I don’t know if we can get back to the Uncharted Territories.”
“Well that’s just great!” exclaimed Chiana. “This pile of dren just keeps getting frelling bigger! Frek!”
“I hate to interrupt but,” Pilot started nervously, “Moya has received a signal from one of the missing transport pods.”
“Hey! That’s great news Pilot!” John said as he got up. “Who is it and where is it?”
“Moya is telling me it’s from a DRD that you named 1812. The DRD reports that the only other on the pod is Jool and she is unresponsive.”
“Can we get to them?” Aeryn asked.
“Moya is ready to try. She warns that you may want to brace yourself as she is trying to use the new system to move herself.”
The ship seemed to lurch suddenly and John was sent flying across the room violently. The view port shows stars and matter streaking by in a familiar view we know. The others had taken Pilots warning and were still sitting.
“Are you okay John?”
“Just fine Aeryn,” John shook himself as he stood up. “Wow what a rush!”
The ship lurched again as it came to a stop. John again was pitched forward by inertia.
“Oww!” John complained as he hit the table.
“Next time you’ll listen.” Smirked D’Argo.
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04-22-2014, 11:12 AM
Originally Posted by mysticwalsh View Post
should i make a foundation mission?
Sounds interesting. Go for it.
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“Was that starburst?” Chiana asked as the group began to leave the mess hall.
“No,” Pilot answered, “Moya claims it is not but it is somewhat similar. She says she can control the speed to a degree and she has control of the destination now.”
“Well that’s helpful,” John commented. “Hey does this look different to you guys?”
The hallway has lengthen, the group looks around at the new view and pause before a door across from the mess hall.
“Moya says she is continuing to change but she doesn’t think the changes are harmful. “
“That’s good Pilot, so what’s this?” Chiana pointed to the new door.
The door opened as Chiana got closer, a small round room with the DRD named “one eye” sitting in the center of it was visible.
“Moya says that she has grown an internal transportation system and this room is part of it. It will help us get to the command chamber and other parts of her faster.”
“Oh great a turbolift!” exclaimed John.
“A what?” asked Aeryn.
“A turbolift,” said John, “you know from Star… Never mind let’s just get there.”
They others looked at each other as John entered the turbolift.
“You know John, Your Earth references are quite annoying,” D’Argo complained as they all followed him.
“You’re just jealous you didn’t name it yourself big guy.”
“Your jibbering is annoying.” Stated Aeryn to both of them as they felt the room move.
“Can’t we all just get along?” joked John as the door opened to a new room.
The Command Chamber had under gone some changes as well. The forward view port had changed into a giant screen. Seats had grown out of the floor in front of different stations. New controls had grown from the stations; the whole space had been enlarged. One eye moved out into the chamber and the others followed and looked around.
“This looks kinda like a bridge,” remarked John as he put his hands on his hips.
“This is a bridge Commander Crichton, it has always been so though I have never actually been in here before.” Said Pilot as he moved to a station.
“No, No, NO!” John said as he moved around the different stations in concluding a Captain’s chair in the center. “I mean from, whatever, Pilot where’s the transport pod?”
“Moya is displaying the information now.”
A view of the transport pod is shown on the front view screen. Scorch marks are clearly visible on the hull. Gas can be seen leaking from the side. It is clearly adrift.
“Moya is deploying docking webs now on the pod and she is bringing it into the hanger bay.”
The pod begins to move as a Tractor Beam effect can be seen.
“Deja vu.” Muttered John.
“What did you say?” Asked Aeryn.
“It’s nothing lets go see what happened to Jool.”
The group leaves the bridge. John took another look around and shook his head before going with them.

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