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# 11 End Episode 1
04-22-2014, 12:24 PM
The group has entered the hanger bay; Jool is seen holding 1812 while staggering out of the pod.
“Thank Zhaan’s Rha you found me!” Jool claimed. “I votched all over myself and I need help!”
“What the frell happened?” asked Chiana as she reached out to help Jool.
“And why is the pod so damaged,” asked Aeryn while she walked around it.
“Will we be attacked!” demanded D’Argo as he confronted Jool.
John stayed near the pod muttering to himself while everyone else crowded around Jool. He kept glancing at the damaged parts of the pod and looking back at the group.
“One at a time you trasniks!” Jool dropped wearily down in a seat. She released 1812 from her arms and stared at it. “We are safe for now, At least I hope so.” She wept into her hands. “It was so horror able,” she hiccupped. “Stark and Rygel got into the transport pod and left so I followed them in the other pod. Stark was going magra-fahrbot about some kind of energy that was calling to him. Rygel just wanted the yotz out of here so he went with him. By the time I caught up to them we were megametras away, I didn’t know if I could find my way back.” Jool has calmed down as she was talking but now looked frightened. “That’s when it happened! One microt we were just flying along the next a huge cube shape showed up out of pleebing nowhere!”
At the word “cube” John stopped his inspection of the pod and hurried over.
“It shot some kind of green energy at the transport pod that Stark and Rygel were in! There was a transmission, some kind of language that sounded like John’s but the translator microbes couldn’t make sense of them. I had the DRD record it. I heard Stark screaming!” Jool was becoming hysterical. “Rygel said something about other ships and more appeared, they were smaller than the cube and so many of them!”
Pilot was looking over the DRD and John was biting on his lower lip becoming more and more upset.
“They all fired some kind of weapons at the cube and it left! They went to followed it and one stopped and picked up the other pod but ignored me! Next thing I know this DRD was running me over and you guys showed up!”
“NO!” John yelled suddenly. “No, no, no, NO! It’s not possible! It’s NOT REAL!”
“John, calm down!” Aeryn said as she rushed to his side. “What is it what is frelling wrong?”
Everyone looked worriedly at john as he seemed to have an attack of some sort he was waving around wildly and backing away from Aeryn.
“It’s Not True.” He mumbled harshly.
Pilot looked up from his work on 1812 “Everyone, Moya has interpreted the transmission this DRD recorded. She will play it now.”
Everyone grew quiet as the message played. John’s eyes widen in pure horror as he listened.
“Oh, God help us!” John said as he slid down, “it IS real!”
Everyone stared at John as he fainted.
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# 12
04-22-2014, 12:25 PM
comments required before posting next episode!
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# 13 foundry closed for now
04-22-2014, 05:05 PM
Originally Posted by buomman View Post
Sounds interesting. Go for it.
got to wait till it opens back up but ill update here when its done
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05-07-2014, 08:59 PM
You had better finish this. Seriously. it is good and i want to read it!

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