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OK Offical Mac client is live....nice. However, there are some severe issues, especially since S9, we are what 3 or 4 patches into Season 9 and not a single word on permanent crashes to desktop, or even worse forced hard reboots, or my favourite a kernel panic on a brand new computer? WTF??

I mean: how much more gamestopper could it possibly get??

Where are we supposed to ask for technical support, if Cryptic ignores this section of the forums. Client updates don't even make it to the patch notes?

Who is actually providing support for the mac client? or QnA for that matter.

The only machines seemingly able to use the mac client in 2014 are ancient. I mean 2007 Imac beats 2010 macbook, and 2014 mac Pro? How long do you guys think people are going to continue to use computers from the last decade? These are not user issues, the client doesn't support contemporary hardware. What are we supposed to do, already dumped STO from one of my machines, after constant freezes and crashes i m actually starting to get worried about my hardware at this point.

And yes, everything turned to low or off, windowed instead of fullscreen, and fully compliant with system specs according to the sticky.

Maybe its time to update that one as well .
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05-09-2014, 08:03 AM
I'm in the same boat as you are. My Early 2013 iMac with custom chosen innards is not happy with the game no matter how far down I turn it. I tried doing as they recommended and played a bit in Safe Mode, got to customize my ship then CRASH! All the lockup and crashes make the game a panic to explore.

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