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I showed this issue to Fark on Tribble two weeks back but it still is there in the Season 9 Holodeck release. If a female character is wearing the Dyson Open Jacket and has a skin with a pattern like the Trill or Infected skins, there will be a haze around the lower neck area obscuring the texture pattern on the lower half of the neck.

On the 2160 Mirror outfit, a related bug makes 3 visible glow beams shine through the back of the shoulders and neck area on the outfit. It seems like it's a shader issue or something related to trying to make a shadow on the open collar of there outfit tops so I would assume it would happen on any open top where the collar does not touch the neck.

I have all my graphics cranked to the max in case you guys need to know what graphic settings to try to fix this issue. Pictures are below of the errors but maybe Cryptic are using that blur to surprise us with finally adding body textures to match the head in S9 like they did with the female Reman in LOR for complexion choices like the Infected skin and the others.

Dyson Error


Miner Outfit Error


2160 Mirror Error


Here is what it should look like as it was the only armor I could find that was not broken in my inventory.

Hirogen Armor


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04-23-2014, 09:16 PM
Same problem. Seems to be an old problem that has resurfaced.


Not game breaking, but an annoying graphic glitch.

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