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# 1 London Feb 14th
02-08-2010, 06:09 AM
I posted about this the other night at a quite ungodly hour - no reply - no surprise!

I am trying to get a small group of friends and family to go.

It will be a heck of a long day for me as I live some 300+ miles from London and will have to return the same day. The problem being compounded by a health issue.

Thing is, it is a once in a lifetime opertunity to be a part of a world record! Not one of my ten things to do before I pass on from this mortal coil, but still......

Any way, just wondered if anyone on these forums is going to the event. If you are, what cosi you got - mine will be a cheap home made TOS science / medical officer jobby (light blue).

BTW, I'm from NE England!

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