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# 1 Bridg Officer Powers
02-07-2010, 07:20 PM
A list of all known bridge officer powers, sorted by their subsystem groups. To increase your ships efficiency, vary your bridge officer powers between subsystems to avoid the global cooldown.

Auxiliary Power
Auxiliary Power to Battery (E)
Auxiliary Power to Dampeners (E)
Auxiliary Power to Structural (E)

Emergency Power to Auxilery (E)
Emergency Power to Engines (E)
Emergency Power to Shields (E)
Emergency Power to Weapons (E)

Beam Fire At Will (T)
Beam Overload (T)


Cannon Rapid Fire (T)
Cannon Scatter Volley (T)

Science Team (S)
Tactical Team (T)
Engineering Team (E)
Boarding Party (E)

Deflector Dish
Tachyon Beam (S)
Energy Siphon (S)
Tykenís Rift (S)
Gravity Well (S)

Deflector Field
Transfer Shields (S)
Feedback Pulse (S)

Photonic Officer (S)
Photonic Shockwave (S)
Photonic Fleet? (S)


Hazard Emitters (S)
Polarize Hull (S)

Attack Pattern Beta (T)
Attack Pattern Delta(T)
Attack Pattern Omega(T)

Dispersal Pattern Alpha (T)
Dispersal Pattern Beta (T)

Sensor Array
Jam Sensors (S)
Mask Energy Signature (S)
Charged Particle Burst (S)

Sensor Probes
Scramble Sensors (S)
Viral Matrix (S)

Extend Shields (E)
Reverse Shield Polarity (E)

Target Subsystems
Beam Target Auxiliary (T)
Beam Target Engines (T)
Beam Target Shields (T)
Beam Target Weapons (T)

Torpedo High Yield (T)
Torpedo Spread (T)

Tractor Beam
Tractor Beam (S)
Tractor Beam Repulsers (S)

Warp Core
Eject Warp Plasma (E)

Weapon Modification

Directed Energy Modulation (E)
Aceton Field (E)
Lt. Commander
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# 2
02-07-2010, 07:51 PM
Great post Driskall!

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