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# 21 enjoy the game?
02-08-2010, 03:01 PM
I to enjoy the game when i can get on. i have been on about 3 hours total since last tuesday launch. I try and try but always time out on the login server or if i make it to the account server i get timed out or instant disconection. So i am getting to the opinion of is this crypics first MMO? Did they not forsee some of the problems that have come up? since this is a 24/7 MMO why do the techs only work 8-5? Million dollar game 50 cent support. But don't get me wrong I love star trek, and will prob try to hang a little longer, but i gotta be able to get on soon or I can't start paying monthly for a game I can't play, just not in the game plan.

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