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02-11-2010, 02:45 PM
Originally Posted by Monthar
No, you didn't fix anything. Meat is correct in what he said. I am living proof of that as I am the first person that ever took out a 104 gun Ship of the Line in PvP using a Cutter.
I played a pirate in potbs, and would routinely go after much bigger ships in various smaller crap vessels.

I'd lose most of the time, but the ships I was using were ships I stole from other places anyhow.

Winning was the fun part. Boarding them and killing their crew and captain and sailing away with their fine vessel.
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02-11-2010, 08:06 PM
Infact in t3 pvp beam cruisers tend to do the most damage overall by a good margin.
Burst damage > Overall damage.

Its also funny to see people use BoP with rapid fire as a refrence to it being overpowered.. Makes me think you havnt even tried t2+ klingon pvp yet..
So a Rapid Firing Bird of Prey should be able to knock out the highest T4 shields in the game + destroy 22.5k hull in 6-7 seconds? Yea, that makes for some skill-based PvP, doesn't it? It's almost like a first person shooter that comes with a built in aimbot.

So the DPS ships are doing a lot of burst damage, instead of complaining about them dealing high damage perhaps you should learn how to counter it by a. healing yourself better and b. debuffing or disabling the attacking ship.
I'm the #1 healing done (for both sides) in about 3/4 of the matches I play. And when I'm not first, I'm never that far behind it.

The simple fact of the matter is that Rapid Fire ends up dealing unhealable damage on too many occasions. Like I said a few posts ago - I was on a team that had 3 people doing a fairly significant amount of healing, but we were all still dying in <= 15 seconds every single time combat got engaged. The only exception was when using Reverse Shield Polarity.

Really short lifespans = unskilled PvP, plain and simple.

Escort-styled vessels should have higher burst damage than other types in order to retain balance between ships. The problem is that that burst damage is simply too high right now.
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02-11-2010, 08:46 PM
If you are flying a "glass cannon" as the BoP ithen your only saving grace is your front load damage. If you cant kill something or horribly disable it with your frontload how do they stand a chance? whats the point of the ship? If your flying a BoP or an escort you know you are paper thin, you cant go toe to toe with anyone, so your design is to do massive damage upfront (thus frontload damage) and then run like a girl or else you are dead.

The problem isnt the fact that escorts and BoPs can do good front load damage, what else can they do? Can they go toe to toe with the other ships? No they get torn apart in seconds. Now due to the bigger more tank like ships having the same abilities to do great damage and be tanks can become the problem.

For those saying to nerf damage, what is going to be left for escorts, BoPs (the glass cannons) of the game? You take away front load dps and you end up with no purpose what so ever to playing a "glass cannon"... Some people have gone with the tactical build, speccing out pure weapon (space) damage and are flying what they think should be dps pigs for that sole purpose. Now with how the game works it seems every ship is a dps pig or can become one if specced. You start just nerfing abilities and you end up totaly screwing the glass cannons in the game.

Saying burst damage is to high and battles need to last longer, how do you expect escorts or BoPs to have any part in the game if you make it so damage goes down much further? glass cannons CANNOT last in a drawn out fight. Yah its great for the tank type ships, longer fights are great, but how on earth will the dps focus ships do anything if their dps is taken away?

For those yapping about how fights need to last longer so "skill" counts, how do dps ships fill their roles? If your dps you have nothing for shields/hull/hitpoints, so after you start the battle how do you draw it out? Ahh yes you have it where they attack you tank the damage and then kill them. If dps ships cannot do dps how can they take on targets? They cant survive toe to toe combat, they just dont have the hits, if their target doesnt go down fast back up arives and they are done for.... So for those saying take away dps so fights can go on longer, how do you factor in the playablitly of dps roled ships?
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02-11-2010, 09:08 PM
With Rapid Fire in its current state, every ship is glass, but only some are cannons. My T4 Science Vessel is just shy of having 9k shield strength, which is the highest available in the game at Captain rank (unless there's some ultra-rare purple shield out there somewhere). Those shields, along with the 22.5k hull they're protecting, can be gone in < 10 seconds when I'm being shot by one Rapid Firing ship. Now, if heals are available then yes, I can live a little longer vs a lone attacker, but that misses the point; which is that a single ship should not be doing so much burst damage.

If Rapid Fire being brought in line means escort-styled vessels need a little bump in survivability, then I'm fine with that, although I don't necessarily think it will be all that needed. With the toning down of burst damage, you'll be a lot more healable than you are now.

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