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02-08-2010, 11:56 AM
I agree that some minor changes need to be made. But, the game is still very fun to most players. And nerfing something that is not fun is fine... But don't think VM or ramming speed or RSP or anyother fun skill is not fun. Nerf the non fun, ie, nerf the lacking content, nerf the poor targetting, nerf the pvp beginning so we have equal sides... But nerfing a diverse combat system and skillsets because it is diverse or challenging is a bad idea. Load up the counters to these supposed OP skills... It's not rocket science!

An example: I want to play some baddest ass cruiser. Dps/tank build. Purpose: I want to be the biggest baddest threat! Crud! I got hit with VM and my little dream build can't counter that! Whaaaaa!!!! I would have to weaken myself to counter.... I have to change and adapt!! Whaaa!

Yeah, I went there...

I got hit with VM and I was like... Omg how can I change my build to use this skill? I dropped half of my dps, put points into sensors, changed how I play and think. I no longer own the scoreboard, but I'm now able to lend crowd control within the right groups. I found my niche, and I encourage the above example to drop his/her ego and do the same.

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