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# 1 Unknown Power Nodes
02-08-2010, 03:06 AM
While I was training my BOs with different abilities I came across very odd bugs. When I try to replace the CMDR ability on ANY engineering BO it seems to overwrite a space ability with the ground power and vice-versa. In one instance I acutally lost the CMDR ground power (showing a empty blank space) and had a ground power in the 4th space slot. In addition, when in space even if I haven't attempted to tweek with the powers and using a brand new BO, Im unable to use the 4th engineering ability in space even though it is in fact a space power and they are ranked up accordingly. It just doesn't appear and shows as if my CMDR engineer only knows 3 moves.

And before anyone asks: Yes, I can use the abilities I am a Captain. Yes, I have a ship that can use a CMDR engineer slot, and yes im positive all the above information is correct and the powers are actually for the combat they are supposed to be.

Another issue, ALL my science officers are unable to learn a new power in the CMDR level Ground slot. In particular when I attempt to train over the ability it shows Unknown power node. Now they do in fact use the ability they have but just unable to replace it.

I've made GM reports, and bug reports but unfortunately no replys so far. I'm patient and don't mean to pester short, please help! Im tired of dampening field I :p

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