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It is frustrating enough that ships can't strafe or move backwards (at a decent pace) and you always have to move forward towards other ships causing every single PVP fight to end up being ships humping each other right next to each other.

But ok, it's space, they are space ships, you don't want them strafing or moving backwards, that's fine.

But what I can't get is how you limit the aiming arc up and down. This gives a tremendously unfair advantage to ships mounting beams over those mounting cannons, because all they have to do is keep spiraling up or down and can continue to fire all their weapons on an escort that is helpless to strike back.

If you move away to turn around to get them in your firing arc, they just head above or below you again and you're back to square one. Things like evasive maneuvers, they can pop at the same time you do to cancel out the benefit.

I have experimented with this thoroughly, I even shelved my bird of prey to use a raptor loaded out with disruptor beams just to test it, and federation escorts cannot deal damage to me at all. I just fly around above or below them and massacre them. Any direction they try to turn to get distance away from me, I match, staying above them and well out of their firing arc. I have even had angry people send me dirty tells because of how cheap it is.

It's ridiculous that you can't aim at something above or below you in space.

That is all.

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