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If you got the "You cannot connect to the server" message on Tuesday, February 9, you may be missing an access key. Some of us who bought STO as a digital download copy only received one key for the Beta period. That key will not work as of Tuesday. You should have received a second key on a separate email that would grant you access from then on, and you should ahve received it by Tuesday, February 2.

If, like me, you never received the second key, contact the merchant who sold you the digital download (in my case, Atari) through their website's support page. They should be able to mail you the second key within a few hours. Bear in mind that, like in my case, the Atari rep had no clue as to what I was talking about. But since they automatically send you all the details of your transaction if you provide an order number, they key will be listed at the bottom of the email.

Hope this helps some of you that, like me, lost a day and a half of game time because of someone else not being dilligent enough to email you the necessary codes.

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