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Ok i want to put this out there to see what sort of raid group options we would all like to see.

I know it is in the workings but i thought it would be a good idea to get as much info on what we would like to see so the devs can tick as many boxes as poss before its rolled out at a later date,

Myself i would like to see

All raid members shown on the screen, standard Ui

Target marking options. numbers/icons anything really so the main target can be displayed to everyone in the raid group.

Add a shield bar to everyone in the raid group and not just the first 2.

Differnt map icon colour for raid members.

Option to kick anyone from the group ( atm you cant kick somone from the group if they are on a different map, poss bug)

Loot options in game i think are fine.

Think thats about it but please post up any ideas.

Again i know we have other bugs that need addressing first but this is just to collect all our ideas and give the devs an idea on which direction we would like to take this.


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