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I am tired of these issues being ignored. I get flamed for being aggravated over it so lets try what the bleeding liberals want and be nicey nicey. It hasn't worked so far, see the many posts concerning these issues that are unanswered, but here we go:

I enjoy STO but have found some UI issues, that I think would be an easy fix, along with a few suggestions.

UI Issues:

1- Fix the Fleet rank permissions. The way it is now you can't give one rank specific permissions over another. I have seen posts regarding this issue. Some say this can be addressed by clicking out of one rank after permissions have been given. I have not been able to verify this.

This is very important to me as the Fleet Admiral. I need to be able to set permissions for my Officers. Example: I don't want just any member to be able to invite, or worse, remove people from the Fleet. This could be disastrous.

2- Fix the Fleet bank. You can't restrict how many items someone can take from a tab. You should be able to restrict, by rank, the number of items removed from a specific tab.

3- Either reduce the amount of the next bank tab, or, add more slots the tabs. As it is now, one member can empty the contents of their bag into the fleet bank and fill it up. We need more space.

Suggested UI additions:

1- The ability to Shift+Click, or drag-n-drop, Items into the Exchange search box. This would be much easier than typing the name into the search box. If this can be done now please tell me how.

2- More options to sort the Exhange results.

3- Add a "sector" area the map. When trying to figure out where you need to go you just click on the sector map, much like the system map is now, to see what systems are in that particular sector. This would be much easier to find your way around and also avoid the smart aleck answers in zone chat.

In conclusion I would like to say that I do appreciate all the work the developers are doing to make this game better, but fixing, or expanding, the UI should be a quick fix and satisfy a lot of us who have posted about these things. Please, at the very least, respond to this post to let us know that you realize these are issues and that you will address them as soon as you can. Not responding is not good customer service.


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