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# 1 game Design and todays market
02-08-2010, 02:33 PM
STO has started much like any of the MMO games of the last few years. A bit buggy, unfinished in many areas, and not 100% stable (but many of them are still not stable years later).

This is in no way fact but the way I would guess it is.

MMO games have done good/bad and so-so. Some are a goldmine and almost print money, some are a money pit and crush a company (Funcom, hang in there baby, as a Stock holder I Pray for my investment).
With the Success of UO, then EQ (sorry WoW people they where the first real success and paved the way). A Brand new market (ok yes there where many MMO games before, but none as succesfull) with some pretty impressive cash making abilities many companies started looking for a way to cash in. We came to a point where there where a bunch of MMO games coming, many did, some did not and some are long gone. The player base, while being huge was limited by how much time you could play and how many you wanted to pay every month for. Soon the gold rush died out a bit and things where slower. WoW entered the market and the explosion happened (even Blizzard admits they didnt see it comming). While a great thing as it made game companies know there was still a great market out there, it was bad also as the real deluge of MMO games came, new one almost weekly. many where crap, many where almost 100% copies, many where Asian (grindfest!!!! that part is just opinion). And again we had fails, and wins and the ones that stumble along hopeing they keep living.

Now companies look at it more from a CASH perspective (ok, yes I'm sure they did before). Cryptic looks at market, has some succes with CoH, gets a chunk of change to sell it and start there own game (makes Champions, which It seems is not doing so hot). Gets chance to make Star Trek game, built in player base from show, and also the people who play all the MMO games, looks like a good idea. Lots of Money is spent making game. Gets close to release and Cryptic takes hard look at current crop of games and success and fail rate. Looks at cash and makes some hard decisions.

Most new games have great start ups, lots of boxes sold. Most new games have 25% of those players 6 months down the road. So do you pump even more money into people to add content, more money into servers, more money all araound but delay game which in turn means delay of income? Any company with any smart thinking people will do the BEST they can without going broke.

STO good launch, add more servers? Have to to keep a good reputation, but if we add to many and the game has 50% less players in 6 months we are going to have a bunch of moeny sitting doing nothing. So again we go comprise, do more server but dont go hog wild. Content, do we delay and make no money or get it out and work hard and get paid? Well, we all know the answer to this.

point being, if you look at succes failure of MMO, Cryptic has done the BEST they can without sinking a company (IMHO), in 6 months the player base will be stable and they can see how things are going to go. MMO are a living game, they are not a set in stone game, they change, new stuff is added, bad stuff is removed. I myslef think they are doing fine (maybe a little more Pve On KDF side, but...ehhh, I can wait).

All the level max people will be gone in 6months and they are the most vocal (and us people at work!).

maybe I'm 100% wrong, its very possible.
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# 2
02-08-2010, 03:04 PM
Probably a fair assessment...

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