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# 1 Voporak's Foundry Missions
04-29-2014, 06:52 PM
Greetings forumites! This will now be the one-stop-shop for my foundry missions, current and future. I will post the mission summary, banner, and post-mission notes. Mostly I will do missions for my main series, though I have a couple one-offs in the works.

The series so far, in order:

Of Morals and Ethics
Of Terror and Darkness
Time's Eye
Crimes of The Many


Epohh's Day
Imperfection (collaboration with Ashkrik23)
The Forgotten Battle


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04-29-2014, 06:53 PM

Do the ends justify the means? To what lengths would you go to accomplish a goal? In this twisted alternate reality where choices and compromises must be made, which end of the moral spectrum will you favor?

Mission name: Of Morals and Ethics (currently in reviewer section)
Faction: Fed
Level 35+

This is my first real foundry mission. It's heavily based on dialogue, and many of the trees branch off depending on what you choose. It does have combat, though, but if you spam F on the dialogues it makes no sense. I just released the mission, so if you find typos, continuity errors, or stuff that can be improved, please let me know. I'm also still adding details and stuff, so please don't look at it badly for that. Thanks, and have fun.

I highly recommend playing this in character, making choices your character would make. Pay close attention to names and NPC text bubbles, as they contain funny references to stuff. Note: This isn't the mirror universe. I realize now that a few dialogues may lead people to believe that, but it's a splinter timeline created by Voporak (in the RP thread in 10F).

After playing the mission, feel free to read these notes (they contain spoilers! Highlight to see them):
[-Many names, if spelled backwards, are names of real things: There's Hirogen and Chimera, that I can remember offhand.
-I ran out of names for NPCs one day, so I named them strange stuff. Like Fork, for example.
-Captain Borken's four buddies have names of things that are broken: Ta'lore = tailor, Foe'rms = forums, Gron Z'ro = Ground Zero, Peev E'kyoos = PvE queues or PvP queues.
-The ten named mechanics are devs' nicknames backwards: Borticus, Adjuticator Hawk, Stahl, Kestrel, Swallrus, Tacofangs, JamJamz, Thomas, Goatshark, and Archon. The Mechanic Advisor is Branflakes.
-When I played through it on my main character, Voporak, it was weird talking to myself as the main villain.
-There is a comet in every space map except DS9/Tortuga Ambush.
-If you've ever played Ashkrik23's mission Prefection, Part 1, you might have seen in the back of a room on one of the maps Voporak in a cage with a Ferasan named I'Zira standing there, mentioning something about revenge. Did you notice I'Zira was killed at the temple? Poetic justice...

Moral scale:
[-All good dialogue choices chosen: You're a true Starfleet officer.
-Mostly good: You got your flaws, but so does everyone else.
-Half and half: If I was Admiral Quinn, I'd keep an eye on you.
-Mostly bad: I wouldn't trust you with walking my dog. You'd probably sell it to make a quick buck.
-All bad: You are an immoral monster! D:<

[-Voporak represents all that is wrong and immoral. He tries to sway the player to his point of view.
-Taka represents all that is good. He tries to convince the player to follow the values of Starfleet -or- he reinforces the player's good choices.
-Xavek acts as a secondary good guy, basically serving the same role as Taka. He's later in the mission for the player to see where they've gone in terms of morals and ethics.
-K'Drex is a counterpart to Xavek. She's a secondary bad guy voice to Voporak that tries to win the player over to the dark side, essentially.
-Cog serves as a means by which the player can actually act upon their decisions. You can beam away his guards, or you can kill them on the spot. You can give him to the Cardassians to be unethically tortured (and killed anyway when the Galor blows up), or you can protect him.
-Together each character has a "massive" dialogue (where there are separating branches going throughout a long dialogue) that questions what the player values. Voporak has two dialogues obviously. In his second/final, there are four possible endings. You start by either agreeing or disagreeing with him. If you agree, you argue multiple times against him. On the flipside, you can agree with him and commend Voporak on his ability to dupe the player. At the end of the 'good' branch you get asked "If you could kill me right now, would you?" If you say no, then you get Voporak saying you'll never see it his way (or something like that). If you you say yes, you get what I consider to be the darkest one of all, Voporak simply says "Then you do see it my way after all." He's informing the player that if they kill him on the spot, they're not as good as they just argued to be.
-At the end of the 'bad' branch (most probably won't pick this one because, y'know, it's bad) Voporak asks, "If you had to do it all over again, would you?" to which the player can respond that they would or that they've decided it wasn't worth it. For the first, Voporak will say something about hoping that the player's Federation will someday learn a few things from the player. For the latter, Voporak says something like "Then I guess you don't see it my way after all." which isn't as creepy as the one in the good branch.

Returning to a strange, distorted parallel timeline is the only way to set right the wrongs done as a result of your actions. Lurking in the shadows of darkness is your only option... and darkness is where the phantom thrives.

This mission is designed for solo play.

Name: Of Terror and Darkness
Faction: Fed
Author: @voporak

This mission is a sequel to Of Morals and Ethics. It is set after the events of that mission, and follows on the story. It dialogue heavy and does not contain much combat, so if you spam F on the dialogue it will make absolutely no sense.

Post-mission notes (warning: these contain spoilers. Do not read until you have played the mission. Highlight to see them):
[-As you may have noticed, I am friends with Ashkrik23, and we give each other cameos in our missions. In Of Morals and Ethics, two of his characters, I'Zira and Taka, died. In this one, Sarabi and Scar die with Kovu being turned into an Elachi and being killed by the player. Next up: Simba and Mufasa!
-Edward is the name of my Winter Epohh Elder.
-The 'they' Voporak repeatedly mentions is... nah, I ain't telling you.
-What's energized protodermis, says you? It's a Bionicle reference, you would know if you understood my @handle namesake!
-Scar was actually killed by Kovu and not the ball of energized protodermis. Otherwise, that stuff would have vaporized him.
- This is what Voporak's dialogue looks like:
-The Red October and U.S.S. Dresden seen in the transdimensional gateway have to do with 'them'.
-I am getting tired of writing transdimensional.
-Kormek is a name I've used for so many things (a character name, a person in at least two other foundry stories that never went anywhere, etc.) in the past because I'm terrible at coming up with names.

How did the splinter timeline come to be? Why is it wrecked by disaster? The key to it all lies with one Starfleet Admiral. Into Time's Eye now you must go.

Name: Time's Eye
Faction: Fed
Author: @voporak

This mission is a sequal to Of Terror and Darkness, and a continuation to the mission series started with Of Morals and Ethics. This mission is dialogue heavy, with considerably more combat than the previous two. If you spam F through the dialogue, the mission won't make any sense at all. There are several optional easter eggs placed throughout the mission, so if you enjoy surprises then look around on the maps to see if there's something waiting for you.

I have added a secret, hidden away in one of the maps. That is all I will say.

Post-mission notes (warning: these contain spoilers. Do not read until you have played the mission. Highlight to see them):
[-Suroo (@lindaleff), Twinkers (@Commadore_Bob), Simba (@Ashkrik23's foundry alt), and Mufasa (not a character of Ash's, but it might be someday) die. This brings my cat kill count up to ten (since all five of Ash's characters died in the previous two missions), so I get 10 bonus points and an unlockable Manray hat. Also, Canis (@canis36) is an NPC in the ground battle and has a chance to die also.
-I wrote the final monologue from an OOC perspective, before I actually started working on the mission. Everything my NPC says is me saying something as a player.
-The Most Interesting Jem'hadar in the World is an obvious pun on the Dos Equis commericials.
-The recording of Simba and Mufasa was mostly there to troll Ash with its unexpected ending. XD
-If you tried jumping after reducing gravity, you would find that you jump higher.
-The lowered gravity is also present in the ground battle.
-Time's Eye, if you haven't figured out by now, is an overlay of the Undine, Time Vortex, and Mirror portals.
-My trigger work on the spatial gateway in Memory Alpha and Trivas was amazing, amirite? (nearly blew my graphics card originally, since I didn't realize how much the effects would stack up. Thus I reduced the number of effects to what it is in Of Terror and Darkness and this one)
-If you check your NPC chat on Empok Nor, you'll find a Ferengi going "WooooOOOoooooOOooo". He is in a room, and if you talk to him you can punch him. His name is also Branflakes backwards. Cookies go to anyone who knows why I did that.
-Extra cookie if you said "Release the Krakken!" in the space battle.

Deep within space, the prison Facility 4028 stands as a testament to justice and the law - or does it? The Federation has many eyes, not all of them friendly... and one of them is watching you.

I'm gonna take a guess here and say that the map wins the following awards:

-Longest continuous time spent in development (111 days)
-Most optional objectives (52+)
-Most cameos (50ish)

The conclusion to Voporak's story is here:

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The destruction of the Borg by the powers of the Alpha and Beta Quadrants produced tremendous amounts of information - including the mission logs of the U.S.S. Resistance, a ship lost just before the Borg invasion. As the savior of the galaxy, you have been chosen to explore the holographic recreation of the vessel's final voyage to uncover the backstory behind the Borg's quest for Perfection.

This is a collaboration with Ashkrik23 and a prequel to Perfection.


A simple visit to New Romulus for a holiday takes a turn for the worse when disaster strikes. However, as events start repeating themselves, you realize you're not just trapped in catastrophe... you're trapped in Epohh's Day!

This mission has the Mimey seal of approval.

The Forgotten Battle

Far away from the front lines of the most recent conflict, the wars rage on. The stories of victories and sacrifices in the Dyson Sphere and Fluidic Space will forever be told, but what about the battles that no one will remember?

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04-29-2014, 06:55 PM
[Reserved for more missions]
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04-29-2014, 06:56 PM
[Reserved for upcoming missions]
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04-29-2014, 07:03 PM
He is evil, be careful of this author.

JK, go play his missions.
King of Lions rawr! Protect the wildlife of the world. Check out my foundry series Perfection and Scars of the Pride.
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Of Morals and Ethics will be getting a huge update soon to bring it up to par with the quality of my current missions in the pipeline. The same will be done to Of Terror and Darkness afterwards, and probably some tweaks to Time's Eye.

List will be updated as I update the mission:

-Beefed up the initial map with more scans for a gradual discovery of what the anomaly is
-Removed Unknown System and put it in with Treasure Trading Station as an area that despawns when you "go to warp"
-(Hopefully) fixed the long standing and confusing bug where the last dialogue option choice of the map has its responses by the main character flipped
-Added life to Treasure Station NPCs, added some leaky plasma and steam that the player can fix if they want, removed Freighter captain
-Addressed the main plot point's issue that some people had a problem with. All should be satisfied with it now.
-spruced up sublevel D with some new effects for vandalizing consoles
-removed both Trivas space maps
-made the mission ending flow into Of Terror and Darkness
-lots of various bug fixes

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05-07-2014, 09:09 PM
I am currently replaying through OTaD to find improvements. I hope to get them out sometime soon.
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05-08-2014, 06:47 AM
I expect.....Perfection....
King of Lions rawr! Protect the wildlife of the world. Check out my foundry series Perfection and Scars of the Pride.
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05-08-2014, 07:04 AM
Originally Posted by ashkrik23 View Post
i Expect.....perfection....
Ba, Dum, Tsss!
watch my youtube show!
where i play and record foundry mission along with my co-host Admiral_ghost_000!
have a mission for us to record? send an in-game mail to @imadude3

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