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Now this is mainly a PvP discussion becuase that's where its having an impact. Although any changes need to factor in thier PvE impact.

there's two sides to this as well. there's the cruiser daisy chain use of RSP and there's the non crusier use.

the non cruiser use is limited to 1 power since its a Lt power and even T5 ships only get 1 Lt power, this means that any/every ship has the ability to tie up superior oppoents forces for a time regaurdless of thier class.

for crusier use you could potentially get 5 RSP abilites on a T5 crusier. which is a hell of a lot with careful timming taking into account the large hull allows you to take some dmg before putting up another RSP a savy crusier pilot could quite easily tie up several oppoents ships for a significant amount of time during a match.

It is also a very good way of getting out of trouble this plus max engine energy and evasive manuvers basically gets you out of the fight in 1 piece, and in the case of klingons allows enough time to escape and cloak to repo.

The question is , is it too much for a Bridge Officer ability ? More importantly is it too much to be able to have mutliple copies of it.

considering engineers are mean't to be the long lived tanks of the game would it not make more sense to swap reserve shield polarity with rotate shield freqency ? so engineers get a 1 shot invunerbility use and sci and tac don't get it at all. and rotate shield freq which is a decent resistance buff but not great is available to everyone and would have a much lower impact on PvP.

Or should reverse shield polarity be instead moved into a higher tier so that rank 1 is Lt Cmd and rank 2 is Cmd or move it 2 ranks high and make it a rank 1 Cmd ability only ?

Or is it fine as is ? its not broken powerful , a tractor to stop someone escaping while using it and then waiting for it to expire or overwhealming firepower. Its not an I WIN button but its a hellova lot better than many other engineering powers, and when something is better to the point "everyone" uses it perhaps it need to be modifed to make it less attractive and more in line with powers in the same tier.

Thoughts ?

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