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So,cant log in, or so to speak, i can launch game launcher, takes about 2 minutes to load, Mind you i've had no problems with this untill today. If it actaully loads, and doesn't bug out the submit buttom, i hit submit. In the next screen assusming the Engage button doens't bugg out and not let me click, i hit submit. Game starts, select my charcter and sit in retrieving map list screen, until i get booted out compltely, or back to the Log in screen. Totally aweome..And i rarely make it to the charcter select screen because the launcher gets buged out. Tried Quick-launch, nothing. Been at this for a good hour now, Kinda fed up

Finally made it into the game, im stuck next to a planet, im able to turn on an axis, but no move in any direction, use anything, im allowed to click on menu butons, but nothing pops up but the esc menu, and even then the only button that works is Exit..just awesome... seriously awesome

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