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# 11 Why would I assault it?
02-08-2010, 05:21 PM
Originally Posted by Ruivo
LOL you trekkers actually drink in cons? Hehe.. thought that alcohol made you sick :p

Anyway, back on topic. I thought on that as well, but the problem is indeed game immersion. I don't think that the federation actually would put several stations in the same sector, let alone so near each other like near Systems. And if they would, why would I, as a KDF commander, feel inclined to assault it? I'd have one klingon captured station surrounded by federation bases.

I think that the thing is to have actual map-based purposes for the player to create stations, and not only territory. We could have a seamless deep-space map with unlimited "systems", and each system would have things like minerals, wormholes to places deep into enemy territory and the like. I am thinking on other ideas, but this is the only thing i can think of right now, since i actually do play EVE for years
Yes, we drink and get drunk at cons. Not all of us Trekkers are complete Horshacks (if you have to ask you're showing how young you are), some of us are actually "real people".

As for why you'd assault it? Maybe you wouldn't. Maybe you'd use it as a way to contact your federation contacts (other players) to get intel (RP online) or to buy those black market quantum torpedoes.

I'd also say limit it to one station (maybe two) per system on the main grid, and then yes, like you're suggesting, "unlimited space".

Also bare in mind that a player with a station might set it up as neutral (non PVP, non attack) at the time they build it. . .even if they opt to change it later.

Not everyone is going to want a station. But some are. I also think that as the originator of this thread/idea I should get one for free to put anywhere I want on the map
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# 12
02-08-2010, 05:27 PM
More about fleets than individual players; but since you asked...
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02-08-2010, 05:36 PM
Another idea would make it so only Fleets could have station. Then yes, this would add some pretty cool factional warfare to the game

I own a fleet, spend my time and resources developint my fleet's station with markets and everything you mentioned, and then a KDF fleet would assault it. We would have a major battle and if they won, they'd capture the station for themselves :p

We could even overload the terminals and fry the computers to make the vitory that much more bitter for the KDF fleet (Like DS9), but doing so would mean that once we recapture our station we will have lost all those things we invested on

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