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02-09-2010, 07:17 AM
Originally Posted by tedgp123 View Post
How many times do cryptic need to say.. they are having big problems with their billing provider. they are working to fix it fast, but theres no ETA when its going to be fixed.
They're not working fast. They need a new billing provider. What they need to do and SHOULD do is just OPEN IT RIGHT UP and bypass the keys until the problem is fixed. Yes, this will allow expired beta testers and people with bootleg copies on there but it's only temporary and alot better than the current situation and it will make them move quicker to address the problem.
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I finally got the download to work now. I caught up on some text from a thread of a GM. I hope this is useful for some of you but afraid may not be a fix for you all but will say what I had to do and it worked for me.

As on my previous thread I stated why I could not get on and get the patch to start working. I just ran into the GM thread while surfing threads and ran into below thread I placed below... I hope it least gets few out of the limbo... but sure allot it wont help. I got it to work buy going to the URL from the GM
www.startrekonline.com/activate I placed my registration key in again "I tried this other day but could not get in... but did again today and it worked" Catch is I had to use my credit card or if you have game card that may have worked as well. But as the GM said you can cancel it after you make the monthly account set up. I canceled it after made the monthly credit card set up... now I am good to go on my 30 day period from the game registration key I got from my game from Walmart. If this helps just few of you then all is not in vain
Good luck to you all to get up and running as soon as possible I feel for you all as I been there to just now.



Now that the grace period for the STO head start is over you have to have a full retail key activated on your account to play.

If you are receiving the error "You are not allowed to login to the server at this time" then the chances are you do not have the retail key activated. Even if you are sure that you did go back and double check.

If you have not, go to www.startrekonline.com/activate to activate the retail key (make sure you log in!)

I have seen several people post who have a retail key activated and are still not able to log in.
We are not sure what is keeping you out at this time but we are researching the issue.

If you are still unable to log in after activating your retail key please post in this thread so I can have you all in one place and not scattered about. It'll make helping you all much faster.

Also if you have not submitted a billing ticket please submit one. There is more information captured in the billing ticket then you can give me in a forum post.

EDIT: Yes you have to have a valid credit card to activate your retail key.
We do not charge the credit cards, but we need them in case you do want reoccuring billing.
(I am probably going to get in trouble for saying this)
If you are worried about charges simply activate the account then immediately cancel. This will give you the 30 free days that come with your retail copy, then you will not have to worry about being charged unless you want to.

edit 2: thank you for the .com catch, I fixed it.

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# 43 credit card
02-09-2010, 10:48 PM
I know my credit card works, but every time I try to register my cdkey it denies my credit card. Also there are two one dollar holds from my banking account.
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02-09-2010, 10:59 PM
Originally Posted by vulqur View Post
I know my credit card works, but every time I try to register my cdkey it denies my credit card. Also there are two one dollar holds from my banking account.
Someone who's more familair with this can check me on this. But issuing a $1 hold on a credit card account and then releasing it when it doesn't flag an error back is one quick and common method to ensure that a provided card is actually a letimate credit card, and not simply junk data.

EDIT: as to the declination, you might want to contact your credit card company and see if they're locking up the transaction for some reason.
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02-14-2010, 01:31 PM
So? If I download the game, and buy a 60 days game card. Can I play or do I have to buy the gold edition?

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