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02-18-2010, 02:49 PM
Ent was my favorite of all the series. I was really keyed that we would get to see more of the history in action up to and including the forming of the federation. I was very dissapointed to have it all condensed into a couple episodes.

I agree on the shuttle pod episode. I can't bear to watch it and it ruined the Reed character except for the mirrored version.
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02-18-2010, 04:35 PM
Originally Posted by Rickpa
If time travel happens at all, it happens/happened early, late, and everywhere in between.

I enjoyed season one and two, though (as with any Trek) THERE WERE DUDS.

As far as the Xindi arc, as I first watched the show, I found season 3 to be plodding, and frustrating. A couple of years later on it is really quite good. I now think having a full week between episodes simply didn't work for this story.

Season four, however, kicked all manner of posterior! That was some fun!!!!
I think people are just missing this. Look at the first season of TNG - especially look to Wil Wheaton's commentary on them (they're hilarious and make those episodes a lot more enjoyable). They were just generally low quality. Watching them back to back, it's a wonder TNG survived it. I'd be willing to bet Q was a saving grace for the first season. It was so evidently bad that it was scaring the actors off (Could you imagine Trek now, if Michael Dorn had bailed like Denise Crosby did?). But, it pulled through, and we got a lot of amazing things out of it, along with the impetus to put the other 3 series on the air (YMMV if that was a good thing, but I think it was.)

ENT started out the same way, shaky and bad, but unlike TNG it never got the chance to shine. I've heard they were planning on bringing Shran in as a main character in the 5th season; I think that would have probably been a turning point in the quality of the series, because he was just such a dynamic and interesting character, as well as a window into a species we knew relatively little about. In all the recent series, one of the driving points was a character learning to either come to terms with, or striving to become more human. Look to Data, or Odo, or the Doctor and Seven for evidence of that. Even, to some extent, Worf. ENT almost totally lacked that, and it's one of those things that would probably have benefited the series as a whole greatly.

I guess in the end we'll never know, it's just as possible it could have continued to tank, and maybe even killed Trek as a whole. It just seems like if they were given the chance to go ahead, things would be better.
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03-04-2010, 04:18 PM
Just finished last episode of season 4 yesterday, I gotta say enterprise isn't half bad Season 1 was a little slow for me to pick up (and really not a fan of the tcw) but i loved season 3 with the xindi also the augmented human episode with soong were pretty awesome.
I am also a big fan of andorians now they're awesome but they couldv'e finished season 4 with a better episode than a story based on the tng pegasus episode :/
Thanks for this list though it has really made me appreciate enterprise

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