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Just something I want to throw out there in hopes that this might get penciled in somewhere on a checklist of things that might be considered. Can you do something about the characters in character creation so we can keep them from moving around to much? It's hard enough to try to correct a look of the player if he keeps moving around and turning his head away from you. It is frustrating because you just want to grab their head and make them hold still but there's no option for it.

I've had to redo the look of my bridge officers several times because they wouldn't sit still long enough for me to evaluate my customization and only to find it didn't turn out right after i was finished. Redoing customization can get expensive if you have to keep doing it over. There's a button for them to hold items but that doesn't make much sense in a character customization since they don't equip kits which cover up the uniform. Another thing you might consider is making it so that they don't move around till you get to the screen where you have the option to select their stance.

Secondly is Ship Customization. I love it but there's an annoying problem about only have one light source coming from the right side of the screen. The light only lights up a small portion of the ship to view the pattern and colors clearly forcing you to spin your ship every which way just to view how the Leo pattern looks vs the Aries pattern on a necelle and how the color combination looks. Seriously, is the Federation hurting that much that they can't spare a few more light bulbs in the drydock these days? Adding a few more lights sources can help a lot picking out patterns and colors during ship selection or just light the whole ship up and do away with dynamic lighting for this customization.

Overall I enjoy the game Cryptic, I look forward to what updates you have in store.

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