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02-10-2010, 02:56 AM
I'm in the UK and got it, what I didn't realise at first that if you went to the Dublin site and buy digital only content it jumps you to the American site where there is no restriction on UK buyers (other than extra Tax).

So I got the Orginal TOS ship, and all the digital deluxe features as well. Only the phasers scale to your level but they are generally better than the common equivalent. It also two engineering console places like it's upgraded sister ship.

It is a shame you can't upgrade the ship to bring it up to standard. I suppose you could shield tank it but at higher levels it will come close to being one shotted. Would be nice if one gaining the rank above that tier of ship you could pay merits to upgrade the Bridge Officer stations to perhaps balance it out.

You can also get the Constitution refit (as used in the films) from Lt C onwards. I have both of them, and I would love to contiune using them, but alas in a science ship at the moment.
Lt. Commander
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02-11-2010, 10:49 AM
Originally Posted by dean1012 View Post
I'm sad about this too because I was dumb

By the time I got my TOS Connie, I was Lt. 9 from headstart...

I hopped on my connie and the first thing I did was remove/sell the equipment on it and replace it with the better stuff I had on my Miranda

Then I found out about the blue phaser effect...

Then I found out about the phasers leveling with you...

Oh well, I'll get to make better use of my connie on an alternate character.
I yanked my aft phaser out of my TOS ship to upgrade it, but thankfully, I just dropped it into the bank box. Seeing as they level up with me, I may pull it out tonight and take it out for a spin and see how it holds up.

Does anything else from it level up with you?

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