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First of all, please understand English is not my main launged, and therfor, might be somewhat hard to read and understand.

Beeing 42 years old I have been on the mmo playfield from the start. I did beta on Ultima online and played it for 8 years, was on EQ, EQ II and LOTR from the start, and played them both several years. Ofcause I dod WOW too,... Star Wars god forbid it, I did too.......

All of the abov ecept SW became great games, same problem though, lots of players moaning after Pacthing, every time.... Some like changes some dont,...

All of the abov games ,again ecept SW, had serious troubles in the start, with overbook servers, lag, no endgame contens, ect ect, ect...

I do belive this is a great game, sure it got its fouls. Thats where we as activ gamers come in, we should report back to Dev, telling them about our whises and thoughts, in a construtiv way, not hassring them. And in the same breath try to remember, that not all of us are gonne get what we want.

I know what the some of you will say " thats what the closed and open beta was for" But you are so very wrong in that statment.

Powerlevelers hmmmm... I reach max level in 7 dayes !!! Now I am board, I have seen this so many times in the other games as well. If you get board at lvl 45 and got nothing to do, why not help so called "n00bs" Last time I asked a powerleveler that I got the replay, "whats in it for me ?" I said "the fun" "Thats no fun" he looked at me like I was a mental. Well same player also complained about the lack of social comitment, figure it out....

Now I will lean back in my commandor chair, and say " plot a curse" knowing I am commandor of a weshel in Star Fleet Command, enjoy the battel with Romulans, and explore new and unseen teritories. Cause I am a RP and not a gamer, maby thats why I never find it in my need to complain about the patches, lacking AI or stupied quests, I get my kick from RP and living my fantasy out.....

See you all in space....
Lt. Commander
Join Date: Dec 2007
Posts: 120
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02-09-2010, 08:49 AM
I totally agree! Except for the RP part though.. I like RP.. but just sometimes. If you dont care about content, then u are easy to please. Lucky you!

Sadly, I am not. I pay for being constantly faced to new stuff.

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