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# 1 Feds & Klingons
02-09-2010, 09:45 AM
On a separate note, yesterday I was struck at how different the two factions, Federation and Klingon, are. I have a Fed alt who farms gear for my Klingon main, and yesterday was the first day I really went to work with the Fed (my Klingon hit LtCmdr). It's amazing just how much content the Federation player has. Just loads of stuff and myriad ways of acquiring gear too. The sheer number of sector blocks is daunting as well. Loads of stuff to do as a Fed. And then they have PvP too.

The Klingons have one sector block that they can call their own. The Feds even have access to a Klingon sector that is out of bounds for my Klingon! We have little more than grinding as PvE and simplistic instances of PvP, like paintball matches as a substitute for war.

And, yes, I've known this since it was first announced when playing closed beta, and so there's been a lot of time to get over it. But, when you see the cornucopia that the Fed players have to enjoy firsthand, it's just downright depressing. I want to tell any whiner Fedrat to just chuck it, because they're basically spoiled brats.

Sure, I'm playing a Fed gear farmer, but he's my alt. I don't enjoy playing him for the most part. He does the missions and gets my Klingon main good gear. It actually burns me, of a fashion. I don't want to play him, but the PvP queues are problematic and that's the only way to get the good gear on my side.

So, I farm with my Orion-Klink fusion smuggler.

Feds, you really should consider yourselves lucky and stop with all the *****ing. All we got is a nearly barren sector block and PvP--and a poor version of it at best.

Cryptic smiles upon you lucky bastages.
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# 2
02-09-2010, 09:48 AM
Klingon=3rd Person shooter
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# 3
02-09-2010, 09:53 AM
shouldnt be like that though......klingons and fed should experience pve content as well as pvp.
as i stated in my other post. But yeah feds have a ton load of pve content, its intense, thats why when i rolled my klingon i was like......what the hell happened, no narration, no real content, jst like two or three missions and straight pvp.

From what i hear it will get better....eventually

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