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Okay not sure how to start this off so... I guess I'll go with complaint solution route.
I'm not fond of the powers tray and not having it isn't much better. It takes up a good amountof the screen that is already cluttered up. So... in a small amount of thought I cconcocted an idea that could take some work.
I'd like ether Cryptic, or if others will help me with it a group of individuals, with Cryptic's permission, to develop an application for tablets Connected to the computer via usb or bluetooth that the a) shield control b) thrusters and c) main powers tray could be accessed from. this would free up screen space for game art, effects and so on. Hard to put together I know but I feel it would be worth it and with the feature not being required for game play but more of a convenience. Cryptic (if their team makes it) could charge for the ability to use such a thing as a revenue generator. To me it'd be worth a one time charge of up to $75.00 but that's just a personal thing.
As stated before if this has enough support the be viable but Cryptic prefers to allow it to be player generated I will take quiet a bit of effort and skills I don't have (I could make an app easy enough, but then another issue is software on the computer to link with the application on the tablet.)
Just a thought, if there is any interest in this other than myself I'll computer edit picts to better show what I'm thinking and post them when I can.

Check out my ideas for the game here
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