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# 1 More PVE content for klingons!
02-09-2010, 09:21 AM
Ok, so naturally i started playing federation side, great narration from leonard nimoy aka spock, tutorial, ranking, ships, battles all great......cant really complain, perhaps ground combat is a bit without its critcism, but overall great experience on the federation side.

Now, comes for the awesome KLINGONS, i was really looking forward, perhaps some iconic klingon character go through its narration, similar to the federation side, or various encounters with federation based on encounters, nope. I really hope the addition in the next patch for more pve content makes, makes more of a statement.

it would be really nice if KLINGON side was not soley pvp, but an opposing faction, in which a player can say " ok im not into the federation, but klingons im going all out" in essence an option of just experiencing pve content through the eyes of the klingons.

LET the flames begin.......go!!
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# 2
02-09-2010, 09:33 AM
No Flame here,
Cryptic has stated that due to overwhelming response to the Klingon Situation that pve content was on the way. When? Thats a mystery and we probably shouldnt hold our breaths but it IS coming.
PVE for Klingons I think is a great idea, and would go to solve a couple of potential problems that will grow over time, balance specifically.
Over time the danger I see from a no pve Klingon world is that near 100% of your population is always going to be pvp'ing. Federation...not near as much, which in the long run I think will create an inordinate amount of klingons to Feds. Now as a pvp'r I am pretty much strictly Klingon. As a pve'r I play Feds..I ike the quests, missions, exploration, exploring starnge new worlds and new civilizations, and then shooting th.......oh wait...DAMN THAT PRIME you get the idea though.
I would LOVE Klingon PVE though. Very awesome idea as I like to pvp AND pve respectively as my mood dictates.

I hope when they come out with Romulans they do it with a full pve world as well...same for Cardassians too

Thats my prediction by the way, when they do add more factions I think it will be Roms and Cards and I pray the BORG are NEVER NEVER NEVER a playable faction. The universe needs a great big boogie man to scare everyone and the Borg are it.
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# 3
02-09-2010, 09:34 AM
i play klingons side. i love that it is pvp but yes pve would be nice.
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# 4
02-09-2010, 09:46 AM
Well i agree, i mean not to relate it to world of ******** but, in th way they approach pve content on both sides of the spectrum is nice, and i think thats what people were expecting. I do hope they approach the pve content wit the roms and cards.

Yeah borgs shouldnt be a playable faction by no means, imo.

I mean i love klingons very cool, but its not like u cant pvp on the fed side, so it makes no sense to have them pure pvp, its kind of a waste, and as rich as a history and lore that the klingons have, would be a shame, but hey lets see what cyptic does, hope they really get expansive with the klingons, not too mention roms and cards.
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# 5
02-09-2010, 11:11 AM
they've said theres pve coming in the first major patch, which is supposed to be 45 days after release. The only problem i see with how extensive it will be is the fact that klingon space is so much smaller then federation space. Even if they simply "reskinned" fed missions where would you put all of them? Plus i really dont see the federation sealing the blast doors on some klingons leaving them to blow up.

the coolest idea in my opinion would be to allow the two factions to enter the same sectors of space, and through patrol quests and what not, have each faction be able to influence each system ultimatley allowing its allegiance to change. with the 10-15 systems in each sector you could set it up once a certain percentage of planetary systems are allied with a faction it forces a war zone encounter between the factions to decide the fate of the entire sector.

I like the klingon side more, i just enjoy the fact you actually get to experience more sides of the game on the fed side. As it stands now the only reason you put points into ground skills klingon side is to pvp, theres no ground missions outside of the occasional fleet action.
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# 6
02-09-2010, 11:17 AM
I doubt that with the very basic layout of the sectors (they are kind of plain and simple) that it would'nt take a HUGE effort to simply add a couple more blocks on the Klingon Coreward side or on the right flank. Then they could simply add clusters, missions etc etc.
I DO however really like the idea of the influencing secots allegiance. That would be kinda cool.
They should do that for pvp too but thats a whole nodder ball game.
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# 7
02-09-2010, 11:24 AM
Originally Posted by Goulet
they've said theres pve coming in the first major patch, which is supposed to be 45 days after release.
Just out of curiosity, could you post a link to where the 45 day after release is the first major patch?
I havent ever been able to find something like that.
Not doubting it mind you, just would like to read it is all
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# 8
02-10-2010, 09:39 AM
Yeah i wouldnt mind readin the 45 patch day notes, i just find the klingons to be a great option if u dont wanna run with feds, hoping the patch does some major additions to the faction.

I pretty much last about no more than an hour playing on klingon side, theres only so much pvp u can do, seems empty. imo

I do love the whole thing of having a cloaked ship..very cool.
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# 9
02-10-2010, 12:36 PM
again, a small post and a large response, so read up cryptic!

by no means reduce the pvp content, it is necessary to the success of the game, but i would prefer pve warmongering more than peacekeeping and exploration priorites of the federation.

on a side note we could see rom's have a more stealth/espionage edge to them, and the card's have a rebuilding theme to them (ie just got back on our feet but have lots of work to do)

i agree that borg should never be playable, compare scourge in wow.

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