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In the Episode "Divergence" of Star Trek Enterprise.

There is a series of scenes and an extended scene were the Enterprise is moving @ warp 5.2 with a sister ship below here and "inverted" in relation to Enterprise's orientation to allow transfer of the Chief Engineer from one ship to the Enterprise.

Mind you, they are moving @ WARP speed, yet we only ask for Z Axis as well as true Vertical @ up to Impulse power.

Also in this episode there is a situation on the ship that has to be dealt with by the Chief Engineer and the Engineering team. This is just part of the whole Episode.

This crap that Cryptic calls "Episodes" are not even close to content. This one episode of Star Trek Enterprise is a good example of what we could partake in Star Trek Online but only if Cryptic wanted to give us quality content above low brow "Kill X many of Z in Y System.

If the content was written with some intellectual value Cryptic could give us worth while content in which their idea of "Episodes" would last an hour in which a casual player just might feel as though he or she took part in the episode and made some sort of difference.

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