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# 1 BO Skill Availability
02-10-2010, 02:10 AM
Are there BO Skills that are not listed with the BO Trainer in Earth Spacedock? I have been trying to figure out the best combination of skills for them and there doesn't seem to be that many skills listed in the BO Trainers list. Also are they any differnces in a skill at the Ensign level vs. at the Lt. or Lt. Commander? Like is there a difference between High Yield Torpedo I and High Yield Torpedo II?

Now as far as an Away Team, is it best to use all Tactical BO's or should you have a good mixture of BO types? I only ask this because I am currently using Two Engineers and 1 Science and 1 Tactial but have 1 Science and 1 Tactical in reserve. Now with my new rank I have openings for two more BO's. This does not make sense to me since I can only use 4 BO's on my bridge consoles and 4 in my away team. It doesn't make sense to have 4 for space and another 4 for ground missons since all BO's are able to train space and ground skills. Its like I have 4 extra BO's that I don't know what to do with.

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