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I found a great use for the save/load costumes. To put my alt captains in the crew of my main.

Just take captain to vendor and swap out the special uniform to a standard one. (hope they fix this bug)
Then save hit save, remember the date/time you will need it
When you get a BO of same gender/race you can change the initial uniform
just load the image and it set everything to match, face, body and uniform (you may want to tweak it a little after load, don't forget to re save, it will not overwrite the old uniform
Change the name, and you are in business.

Conversely you can get a save of one of your bridge crew and use that as a Captain template.

So I have Jose Gaspar on my crew as a Tactical Officer on Gulliver's Ship and he has his own ship as Captain, although I wish I could have him in the Wrath of Khan uniform on him on my ship; he looks good in it.

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