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This is a rough outline for a scenario map. Numbers within should be adjusted for gameplay.

Setting: Space

Number of players: 15 vs. 15

Terrain: Asteroid field. Asteroids scattered throughout, to provide breaks in line of sight and cover during combat.

Setup: An abundant source of a rare resource has been identified in an asteroid belt which is located in the Neutral Zone. Both the Federation and Klingon Empire have moved assets in to the area to secure and harvest these resources.

Primary Objects: Two starbases, located at opposite sides of the map. Defensive, respawning, turrets located near starbases to provide spawn point security. Three asteroid mines, located roughly in the middle of the map, and placed perpendicular to the axis between each factions' starbase. Asteroid mines must be no closer than 20 to 30 KM from each other. Asteroid mines must be at least 50KM from each faction's starbase. No more than a 30 degree pitch differential between any two primary objects.

Ownership: Each faction owns one starbase along with the defensive turrets near it. Asteroid mines start neutral, and may be captured. Capturing requires being within 5KM while uncloaked. Player must "activate" mine to capture it. Capturing requires 15 seconds of uninterrupted use. Interruption cancels capturing. Only one player per faction may attempt to capture any one object at a time.

Object Generation: Each owned mining asteroid creates a civilian transport ship every 20 seconds (adjust for duration). Spawn timer starts at zero when an asteroid mine is captured. Each transport is owned by the faction that owns the source mine at the time of object creation. Each transport heads as directly as possible to its owned faction's starbase. Upon arrival, transport is removed from the game. Transports are slow (top speed of 8), and are highly vulnerable to attack by players.

Points: Destruction of a player ship increases the destroying faction's points by 2. Loss of a player ship reduces the losing faction's points by 1. Arrival of a transport ship at a faction's starbase increases the owning faction's points by 20.

Victory: Victory occurs for the faction who reaches 100 points first.

Gameplay: Players must secure asteroid mines, while protecting transports. Players may gain points through direct combat, but must be careful of depleting their own team's points through zerging. Asteroids can be used to break line of sight from enemy weapon's fire. Teamwork and coordination will yield the best results for a team.

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