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(best read while drinking an alcoholic beverage)

I want to quit my job and play Star Trek Online more.
Even when I sleep I see my ship, my crew, even when I snore.
Spinning, changing speeds, firing all phasers, torpedoes bursting hulls.
Space combat is for the aggressive me and it's never dull.
Coordination, proper weapons, shields and items to keep me alive.
My Away Team is comprised of me and the best officers I could find, a fist, total count...five.
My ship, my beautiful ship. I've given her my best and she's given me her best.
Powerful weapons, shields, equipment for the crew to use, better than the rest.
I want to quit my job and play Star Trek Online.... more.


(song to Pop goes the Weasel)

A mission that I was given, a sector I had to visit.
Some nasty barbaric people... a raping and a pillaging.
My job is to find and to kill them, A job I'm more than willing.
POP goes the Klingon.


Quotes from the field

"Dodge em!! Dodge em!!! Dodge the damn torpedoes!!"
"Get away from him, he's going to EXPLODE!!!!"
"Science officer to the teleporter for an away team mission. No, not that one, the one with the tricorder."
"Excuse me, but Tactical Officer, did you say you do NOT have High Yield? What the hell?"
"I'd rather fight Klingons than Orions. Klingons are a bunch of pansies compared to Orions."
"What the hell? Did he just throw a rock at me?"
"Come get some big boy. What you fail to realize is that I'm dragging a mine field !!"
"Congratulations Ensign, you are being promoted to Lieutenant. Serve the ship well and you will live."


Great first moments
  1. The first time I biatch slapped a Klingon onto his butt then flanked him
  2. The first time I disintegrated an Orion with my ray gun
  3. The first time I acquired dual pistols for my entire crew
  4. The first time my Cruiser survived a warp into a battle group and killed them ALL
  5. The first time I realized how important my bridge officers were and learned to make plans for their future promotions
  6. The first time I gave a Tribble to my Klingon bridge officer
  7. The first time I realized that High Yield turned a plasma torpedo into a BLANKING GREAT BIG BALL OF DEATH !!
  8. The first time I went to a ground mission on a planet with lots of blowing dust
  9. The first time I realized that I could dress my female Bridge Officers in tight pants and high boots!
  10. The moment I heard the Star Trek music and sounds

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