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I think this is the second quest in the series. "Encroachment' being the first. Both are supposedly Repeatable.

When I got the quest, it would not update in KE. I finished "Encroachment", went back into KE and tried to do Spies. Quest on the tracker still said "Encroachment". I turned in the quest DID NOT Upload the Repeatable, then left KE and returned. Quest tracker on the right still said "Encroachment".

I returned to sector space, Re-logged completely out of game, returned to KE and tried to do "SPIES" again. Quest tracker on the right still said "Encroachment".

Returned to sector space again, partnered up with someone with the quest and went into KE. His said "Spies", mine still said "Encroachment". Realize, I still had not uploaded the repeatable "Encroachment" quest yet.

left KE, Canceled the quest and re-logged. Joined the team again and had him share the quest. We both went in, him first His said "Spies", mine still said "Encroachment".

Left team, canceled the quest again, re-logged went to upload the Spies quest. It wasn't available to me. it was not listed.

Did Encroachment again and turned it in. Still cannot upload the SPIES quest.

I think I'm Borked.

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