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1. Can you PLEASE add Empathic, Leadership, and Spiritual to the list of Alien trait choices?
If I'm going to make an "Unknown Alien" character, I would really like to make my character Empathic. Telekinetic is just Ego Blast (CO) with a knockdown effect which doesn't impress me in the slightest. And, I would prefer to have the threat reduction and party health regeneration of Empathic rather than take the "Acute Senses" alternative that is Telepathic.

2. Can we define our "Unknown Alien's" race and racial traits? Or, can we classify ourselves as a defined race with different traits?
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02-10-2010, 05:56 PM
Agreed, I'd love to name my race and even create a local template so that I might add bridge officers of the same race when I receive an "Alien" bridge officer.

I'd also like to see a more scaly skin texture. :p
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1. Add Soldier, Leadership, and Efficient to General Traits.
One of the main reasons my captain is an "Unknown Alien" is because I want her to have Soldier or Efficient. Also, They REALLY do seem like General traits (though I can understand Soldier being a Racial trait for a race like the Gem Hadar).

2. Allow Us to Remove a Racial Trait from a Predefined Race.
The other reason my captain is an "Unknown Alien" is because I want to take Leadership, Soldier, Empathic, and Techie (My rule for making characters is: 2 Ground & 2 Space). Also, for a science captain, I'd like to make a Betazoid; remove Telepathic (if I could); and take Soldier, Creative, and Astrophysicist.

One might say that Cryptic could just remake Betazoids with just Empathic as their racial trait instead of them being both Empathic and Telepathic. But, the people who want their Betazoid to have both Empathic & Telepathic might complain. For people like me who don't want their Betazoid to have both, allowing us to remove a racial trait so we can take the 3 we want would be a reasonable comprimise to both sides.
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02-11-2010, 12:21 PM
100% approved, I want this. Also, the ability to package predefined templates would be helpful so we can send them to other people.

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