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# 11
02-11-2010, 03:58 PM
Put me down for hating the fact that I can either see 2x8 skills placed ... or 3x10 (with no Bridge Officer segregation) ... even though the hotkeys reach out from 1-12 per "tier" of keys. We should be able to see 1x12, 2x12 or 3x12 ... and be able to choose whether or not we see Bridge Officer Portraits (and their associated skills) all at the same time.

Another pet peeve of mine is the zoom on the minimap. It uses the same zoom factor for both space and ground ... rather than "remembering" the zoom factor I was using in space as a separate value from the zoom factor used on the ground. In order to "see anything useful" on the ground, I need to zoom in relatively closely ... which is completely useless in space combat where I need the zoom factor to be as far "out" as possible so as to be able to see the widest area of space as possible (to spot hostiles). Simply segregating this into space zoom and ground zoom, and remembering those two values, would be a wonderful Quality Of Life upgrade.
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# 12
02-11-2010, 08:32 PM

You know what would solve all of this? Allowing UI mods.
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# 13
02-12-2010, 02:16 AM
Originally Posted by Rashaka1 View Post

*** Bridge Officer Trainers

- Skill lists should be broken up more.

i.e.Currently it is broken up by officer rank. It should be broken up further by placing all the arch-types together... So all tactical officer skills should be together. Furthermore it should be broken up by space skills and ground skill. Most are somewhat obvious, but for quick reference or new players it would make things a lot more simple.
+1 on this one. And add sorting by space/away missions too.

*** Skill list (P)

- I want to be able to see the away mission skills while in space, and vice versa.
- Sort them so that I can see which skills belong to me and which skills come from officers.
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# 14
02-12-2010, 03:03 AM
I am getting irritated by the current mission contact interface.

1. I cannot hide contacts whose missions are well below my level: Can you just hide contacts that don't have any missions that are within five levels of me and put a checkbox or something to show all contacts? The only current way to hide them is to just accept every mission which then means I have a really messy mission log with lots of low level missions that I don't wish to do.

2. Contacts change order everytime you go to hail starfleet: Can you just order them alphabetically?

3. You cannot easily distiguish what type the contact is: I.E. Standard Mission, Explore, Fleet Battle, etc. Could you add some icons or colour code or something to help us distinguish between the contacts.

4. The Hail Starfleet panel closes each time you speak to a new contact: Can you not just leave the window open so I can speak to a contact get the missions, close that contact and be back at the contact list without having to press the hail starfleet button again.
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# 15
02-12-2010, 05:08 AM
There is no indicator to say that mail has come to my mail box. I have to remember to check it every so often.
Some visual indicator would be great (perhaps Mail should be separate icon, similar to the hail starfleet button, and have it flash when there is mail).
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# 16
02-12-2010, 05:53 AM
- Chat - don't combine all zone chat in Fleet Actions!
It's too confusing!!! ONLY show the zone chat that you are in when doing fleet action. (an excellent example: Crystalline Entity - you see people shouting from ALL zones! It gets very frustrating and confusing seeing people argue about going here or there, and its easy to lose where your zone is actually chatting)

- +1 above to mission journal showing mission rewards!
It doesn't take long to forget what the mission reward is.
Please display the mission reward.

- why does Logout Character logout the ACCOUNT. Either go to character selection or rename Logout Character to Logout Account instead.
Logout Character gives the impression that the game takes you back to the character selection screen.

- Fleet "button" should be put onto the Social screen as a shortcut to jump to fleet screen. Or replace Game Menu button with Fleet Menu, and put Game Menu into the drop down list of options.

- Allow me to hide missions from the main screen, instead of listing EVERY mission I have

- Inventory screen: add SORT option, to sort like items together, e.g group data samples together, group devices together, group weapons together, group consoles together, etc
It will make inventory management easier. Also add SORT to Banks (personal and Fleet, perhaps make it that only the Leader can sort).

- Space - Officer display. Suggestion for redisplaying this. Remove the circles and make the officer portraits larger, show from the shoulder up, like they are displayed in the dialogue window. Also, make them animated!! Static faces give them no life

And finally - proper skill information! Please put in a Library Computer (similar to a Lore Book or Tome from other games) that talks about all aspects of the game, including FULL skill descriptions and what they actually do to your character (perhaps show a mapping on how they affect other abilities), be able to search for Star Trek or even general MMO terms (e.g. what exactly is a phaser, what is a disrupter, what is a raid etc). Seriously, this games is lacking on important information for the player! It's the first MMO I've played where I still don't fully understand all the skills and abilities that my character has and how they affect my character.
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# 17
02-12-2010, 06:02 AM
I agree with all of the above especially the Allowing ui mods or at least reskinning i strongly dislike the current ui its to bulky and criticle infomation is missing from it and the fonts are pritty horrible

a few key point i didnt see in hear that frustrates me

Right click info for rewards and merchants
when rewards and merchant items are displayed why can we not right click them and select info unless its in our invrntorey this makes selecting an item really hard as i cant see the detaild broken down discription of what each stat is for what it improves etcetc this is a big oversight IMO

grouping limited to 5 peoaple a team
im in a fleet and we did some fleet actions last night and had to split in to small groups and find each other by keeping swapping instances the reason i have put this in this ui thread is because by the looks of it the ui and possibley the game engin only supports a maximum of 5 players in a team please make something like the warban in warhammer to make fleet life better

Bridge officer hot bar
please allow us to rearange the order officers are displayed in in there seperate hotbar my officers are arranged ensign tac lt tac eng sci i want to put my lt tac officer in the first slot with her abuiliteys number 1 and 2 instead of having the ensign first(who's abuilitey ive set to 3 because i dont us it much) and my lt in the 2nd position with her abuiliteys set to 1 and 2 i would like to rearange the officers abuiliteys so i can have my lt at position 1 so at a glance i can see oh shes keyslots 1 and 2 to make it easyer when in combat trying to mash x amount of keys

theres more but these are my main problems i would like to see resolved asap aswell as alot of the things already posted.Im not bring nasty the person who designed the ui will im sure have put a lot of work in to it BUT it seems to me it was designed by an artist and NOT a gamer/artist with an understanding of the players need's or it was servearly limited by the CO game engin your using
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# 18
02-12-2010, 11:11 AM
I'd like to see the weapons show the amount of energy used per action in the tooltip. Not knowing how big an effect the drain on weapon power is until you equip it makes choosing an upgrade a gamble. Abilities like EPS show an exact amount of gain when used, so showing the amount of on-use for energy seems like an easy addition.
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# 19
02-12-2010, 12:40 PM
Fleet Interface
  • *VERY IMPORTANT* - Need a way to track member activity. i.e. "last logged into game on xx/xx/xx date" feature
  • Need a way to impart news to fleet members besides MOTD.
  • MOTD pops up continuously whenever members change zones. Very very annoying.
  • Interface is still bugged making changing most any settings as far as rank goes a pain. One needs to exit interface completely and reopen for any changes to take effect, or to change to different rank to change settings.

Fleet Bank
  • Still no way to limit credit withdrawals from fleet bank based on rank. Any member can withdraw any amount no matter what settings are entered per rank.
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# 20
02-14-2010, 09:20 AM
It's interesting how this forum is here and we created this list, with several supporters and no Dev's have even spoken as to their opinions of what we've requested here.

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