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_______News and General Project Information_________

- Last Announcement for the thread -

Last Announcement: Due to a lack of interest in my missions, likely due to them not being all that interesting (My missions pale in comparison to the work of others.), I have decided to discontinue my use of this thread. This will free up some of my spare time from spending time writing up announcements and such and will allow me to do what I have fun doing, build missions. I had a project slated for 2015 that I was going to try to advertise with a thread, but seeing how well my previous projects did I don't think it would be worth the effort. I'll keep the sig as I happen to think it looks cool.

The Final Unsung Update: In my spare time I will attempt to build a final update into my Unsung Trilogy. After I'm done with that, I will republish the missions as being open to all. I can't offer a timetable for this as I'm not sure when I will be done with this update.

Holiday Mission: As soon as I get free time over the holidays I will get this built and out the door, unless something comes up. I really had a fun idea for this one, so I really want to see this through.

Surprise Reviews: While I will no longer run a thread for my own projects, I really liked playing and reviewing other people's missions, so this will be the one thread I will try to keep running. Although my reviews may be shorter going forward.

Edit: Also I'm don't want to run my own mission thread anymore as I tend to edit things way too much. :/
__________________________________________________ ________________

Had some free time today to start (slowly) on some revisions to my Unsung trilogy, and it occured to me that the best way to make sure everything was working right would be to have them published. So if you see my trilogy missions, just know that they are up for testing purposes.
Reviewers may play them in order to find any major problems technically or storywise.

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# 2 The Unsung Missions
05-28-2014, 07:17 PM

- - - - Prologue - - - -

This short, combat-less, anyone-can-play mission is the appetizer to the trilogy, and sets up some story elements for The Unsung Mission trilogy. It features some of the features that are in the trilogy, such as branching dialogue and exploration. It also has a small (very) bonus quest at the end that can be played if you wish to get a little more story that ties into the the main-line series. If you like what is presented in this mission, then you should enjoy the rest of the series as well.

A Routine Mission

Author: starfarertheta
Faction: Federation
Level Requirement: Anyone can play.
Length: 25 - 45 minutes.
- Story, - Branching Dialogue, - Exploration.

Memory Alpha has been detecting some unusual readings from a nebula located somewhere in the Delta Volanis Cluster. They have requested a Starfleet vessel to investigate, and Stafleet has chosen you.

From the outset, this seems like a routine, single-ship mission. A nice break from the constant struggles that currently plague the Federation. That is, until you begin unlocking the nebula's secrets...

[Current Version: 2.00 Final Version]
[Now available]
[Ashkrik23's Review - 5/5] 1.32
[helixfungus' Review - 3/5] 1.51
[Evil70th's Review - 5/5] 1.57
[Joe_King's Review - 5/5] 2.00 (Found in Post 13 on page 2 of this very thread.)
[Rouge Enterprise's Rating - 5/5] 2.00

- - - - The Trilogy - - - -

This series features an overarching storyline split into three missions that travels across and even a little beyond Federation space. Throughout this adventure, you will be faced against many adversaries, each with their own agenda. You will also be presented with several opportunities to make some discoveries along the way. All of which builds up to a chaotic climax. Each mission is at least twice as large as A Routine Mission and each has their own specialty:

- Artifacts is heavily story driven as it starts off the trilogy. Plenty of dialogue is to be found here as well as some space combat. Bonus Objectives are introduced to The Unsung Missions in this mission. These are minature sidequests that offer extra story information, some of which are hints of what will happen in the next two missions. These story hints will not be obvious, and can only be found within this mission. Of the three missions, this one caters to story lovers the most.

- Escalation has exploration. Each world that you will visit are unique from one another with each having many discoveries that await the explorer, even in space. It may take some time to discover everything, and some discoveries will only show themselves to the most persistent of explorers. There is an increase in combat situations compared to the previous mission, with most being avoidable. Of the three missions, this one caters most to those with the heart of an explorer.

- Inferno has large, intense battle sequences. This mission is the most combat heavy of all the missions in the trilogy, but focuses on the story more than Escalation. Note that you will not be forced into fighting every battle. You can expect to be faced against numerous types of enemies both in space type and ground type combat environments. Story wise, the events of the previous missions set the stage for the climax in this one. Of the three missions, this one caters to those with the heart of a warrior the most.

It is advised that you prepare well before taking on this mission.

For information regarding characters, places, and events that cannot be experienced in-game, consult the appendices.

The Unsung Mission Appendices

Appendix A, General Information
Appendix B, Short Stories
Appendix C, Author Notes

The Unsung Mission
- Artifacts - [Currently only available for testing and review]

Author: starfarertheta
Faction: Federation
Level Requirement: 41+
Length: 30 - 60 minutes.
- Story, - Branching Dialogue, - Space Combat, - Bonus Objectives [Remastered in version 1.30].

As another Borg invasion looms on the horizon, you are requested by Admiral Gautier to investigate the apparent communications blackout of the U.S.S. Audentia, commanded by Admiral Atalanta.

What starts off as a search and rescue operation quickly turns into something far larger when an artifact begins to reveal the true nature of your discovery from the Delta Volanis Nebula, and its potential wide-ranging implications.

[Current Version: 1.37] <Story slightly updated as of May 20th, 2014.>
[Now available]
[Ashkrik23's Review - 5/5] 1.18

The Unsung Mission [Under the "Review" tab]
- Escalation - [Currently only available for testing and review]

Author: starfarertheta
Faction: Federation
Level Requirement: 41+
Length: 40 - 75 minutes (longer when exploring).
- Story, - Branching Dialogue, - Space and Ground Combat, - Bonus Objectives, - Exploration.

Section 31 is in possession of a conduit that leads to a powerful, hostile force from beyond the galaxy, and they plan to use it. You and the Audentia must stop them soon or risk the unleashing of a galactic catastrophe.

That’s not all, multiple factions have become aware of the conduit’s existence and will stop at nothing to find it themselves. Find it first.

[Current Version: 1.07]
[Now available]
[Ashkrik23's Review - 5/5] 1.00

The Unsung Mission [Under the "Review" tab]
- Inferno - [Currently only available for testing and review]

Author: starfarertheta
Faction: Federation
Level Requirement: 41+
Length: 30 - 60 minutes.
- Story, - Branching Dialogue, - Large Scale Space and Ground Battles, - Bonus Objectives.

The Borg invasion will be beginning shortly, but that will be the least of your problems if the conduit is used. Stopping this will not be an easy task. Chaos has erupted in the Badlands when several factions have become embroiled in conflict that will determine the fate of the Federation and beyond.

Attempt to make your way through the battle, stop the enemy Section 31 faction from unleashing their plan, and attempt to find a way to end the threat from beyond once and for all.

First things first however….

[Current Version: 1.07]
[Now available]

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# 3 TUM Appendix A
05-28-2014, 07:20 PM
The Unsung Missions, Appendices

These posts will contain additional information about The Unsung Missions. The information here is subject to change. Info may also be added from time to time. The player will be referred to in these appendices as 'the Starfleet Captain.'

Please note that if you are a foundry author and are in dire need of a character, ship or place that you are free to use any character, ship, or place listed in these appendices. Just let me know if you plan to use a VIP (Very Important Character), or a VIS (Very Important Starship).

[!] Spoilers [!]
The following information will contain spoilers about events and places in the series.

Appendix A: General Information

Author's Note: More information may be added when I find the time.


- Admiral Evelina Atalanta [VIC (Very Important Character)]

Age: 40

Having risen through the ranks at a rapid pace, partly due to her use unusual tactics (even for starfleet), she is now a Rear Admiral Lower Half in command of the star-ship Audentia. She helps the Starfleet captain prevent a potentially galactic catastrophe, which can be considered the usual course of business for a Starfleet Officer.

It is said that she can figure out a way to use anything in a fashion that can contradict common sense, but there is no denying her tactics often pay off. This was made rather clear during her time at the academy, when in almost every instance she was given a tool she had found a until then unknown alternative use for them.

One instance of this happened during an academy survival exercise, when she had to find a way to the top of a nearly unclimable cliff. Her solution wasn't so much to find a way to climb it, but rather to construct a makeshift chute that was propelled by a properly calibrated wide-beam phaser. Just how this was done still remains a mystery, and the Admiral has admitted that she isn't sure herself on how she had succeeded.

After the conduit incident, she was contacted by the Omega Force for an offer to become a member which she accepted. Still in command of the Audentia, she is currently operating at the Solonae Dyson Sphere.

- Admiral Gautier [SC (Supporting Character)]

Age: 65

Known for surviving a battle in excess of 3 hours against a Klingon attack wing, he is now in charge of all military related activities in the Eta Eridani Sector Block and the Iota Pavonis Sector Block. He was the one that brought in the highly skilled Starfleet Captain to search for the Audentia after an over-extended communications silence. This search ended up snowballing into what is now known as "the conduit incident."

He has recently decided to retire from Starfleet active service due to personal matters.

- Captain Talarii [SC]

Age: 40

An Andorian, she is the executive officer of the Audentia, and second in command to Atalanta. She is known among the Audentia's crew for often having unrealistic expectations of the crew, often putting efficiency above all else. It is this attitude towards the crew and herself that makes her a fearsome warrior, even by Andorian standards. She is often noted to be constantly practicing space and ground battle scenarios in a holodeck during her spare time.

Her excessive training paid off during the engagement with the Borg during the conduit incident where she held off several waves of drone boarding parties. This has caught the attention of the MACOs, to which Talarii is now a member. She still serves aboard the Audentia.

- Commander Kaushal [SC]

Age: 49

Audentia's Chief Engineer who is almost perpetually annoyed with Atalanta's shenanigans. He is well known in the engineering circles to go on long rants that are usually about fixing this and that. Despite this behavior, he is often considered one of the best for fixing things that are broken quickly. Especially when it comes to things in a starship that aren't normally broken often.

He was offered a prestigious lecture at Starfleet Academy shortly after the conduit incident. He declined, citing that he could not be away from his post due to some "crazy person."

- Commander Syrilius [SC]

Age: 122

Audentia's Lead Science Officer, Syrilius is what you would expect from a typical Vulcan, being extremely well qualified for anything to do with science. As surprising as it may sound, dispite his objectives to his current commanding officer's "illogical tactics," he will often find a way to improve them, but not often in the most logical way.

He still serves aboard the Audentia, although it is said that his contributions to his commanding officer's tactics have become "bolder."

- Captain Brynjar [SC]

Age: 32

Captain of the Gladius. Known for almost always being in some kind of competition with Captain Vasco. No one is quite sure who leads the scoreboard, and it is often debated between the captains, although Brynjar will claim that he is in the lead.

It was determined by Starfleet that he and Vasco achieve better results when assigned to the same mission. They have always worked together since.

- Captain Vasco [SC]

Age: 31

Captain of the Etoile. Known for almost always being in some kind of competition with Captain Brynjar. Vasco claims to be leading the current scoreboard.

Due to always working (re: competing) with Brynjar, the team has achieved the nickname of "Drag Racers," named after the Earth sport of taking two automobiles to a quarter mile "strip" and then racing to see who can reach the finish line the quickest.

- “Ray”/"Captain Ray" (Real name unknown) [VIC]

Age: Unknown

A Section 31 agent who believes that the Federation needs an ace in the hole in its current time of strife against a plethora of enemies. He viewed the conduit, specifically the force behind it, as that ace in the hole.

- Amanda Atalanta/"Cobalt" [VIC]

Age: 37

A Section 31 agent, sister to Atalanta, who did not view the conduit as an ace in the hole for the Federation. She helps the Starfleet captain in finding and stopping Ray's plans.

Admiral Atalanta was, and still is due to the discretion of a Starfleet Captain, unaware of her status as a Section 31 agent.

Her whereabouts are currently unknown.

Penumbra Commander [SC]

Age: Unknown

Little is known about this commander other than her being in command of the Penumbra during an engagement in an area known as the "Unsung Battlefield."

- Tal’Shiar Captain [SC]

Age: Unknown

Very little is known about this captain except for the fact that she is with the Tal'Shiar, although her methods seem rather restrained compared to her collegues.

Her current whereabouts are unknown, although it is rumored that, for reasons unknown, that she may be defecting to Starfleet Intellegence, although they deny any knowledge of this.

- Jem’Hadar Captain [SC]

Age: Unknown

Most known for leading the Dominion squadron tasked with destroying the conduit due to its perceived threat to the founders. After the conduit's destruction, regarding their mission a success, he and his task force returned to Dominion space.

- True Way Captain [SC]

Age: Unknown

Known for commanding the True Way attack group assigned to seize the conduit. He has not been seen since, although it is believed that he is responsible for several raids against civilian convoys in the Beta Ursa Sector.

- Klingon Captain [SC]

Age: 100

He lead the Klingon task force charged with claiming the conduit for the Empire. After the battle, he headed back to the Empire. It is often debated within certain groups as to whether the inability to take the conduit was the result of his 'dishonor' or if circumstances dictated no other outcome. Ambassador Worf, having obtained knowledge of the conduit incident, argues for the latter.


- U.S.S Audentia [VIS (very important starship)]
A Sovereign class ship that has seen many years of service and has been under the command of several captains, the latest being Admiral Atalanta. The ship has had to redesign the "neck" to accomodate upgrades that was necessary during a deep space incident in 2399. In this incident, the crew of the Audentia had to modify both the main deflector array and forward torpedo launcher assemblies using technology found in a derelict alien ship to escape a subspace anomaly.
The technology was subsequently found to be more efficient with normal operations than the original technology, and it was subsequently decided that it should be kept, with adjustments. However, the ship had to stay in drydock for at least 6 months while engineers found a way to redesign the hull to efficiently enclose the alien assembly.

Starfleet has had a team perform research on the tech a the time and it was discovered that there are no known means to duplicate it. The result is that the Audentia has one of the most powerful and versatile main deflectors in the fleet.

- U.S.S. Penumbra [VIS]
A mostly autonomous Section 31 carrier vessel designed to be operated by a minimal crew, with most of the design revolving around the operation of two wings of drones. These are the only confirmed capabilities of the ship, although it is rumored that the ship also had the ability to cloaking, possibly based on trans-phasic cloaking technology. The ship took on the appearance of a Vanguard/Emissary hybrid.

It is uncertain why Section 31 would ever need a ship this large and with this much firepower, although recent events with the Romulan Star Empire may be a factor.

- Section 31 Autonomous Ships [SpS (Supporting Starship)]
Encountered in the Near Draylon system by the Starfleet Captain, these were a group of defiant-type ships that are entirely automonous. They are equipped with cloaking technology and scans also reveal the presence of holographic emitters, which leads to the speculation that these ships could assume the appearence of another ship. This is similar to the ships encountered by the NX-01 Enterprise during in the 22nd century.
These holo-emitters were malfunctioning during the skirmish at the Near Draylon System due to radiation emitted due to the agitation of planetary rings by a solar flare.

- U.S.S. Quartet [SpS]

Presumably "Cobalt's" Prometheus Class ship that has been modified to use a cloaking device. There has been only one known encounter that has resulted in almost no useful information, but plenty of speculation.

- Section 31 Runabouts [SpS]

It may be assumed that these are not standard runabouts since they demonstrated the ability to travel between systems at the same rate as a fast starship. The ability to cloak compounds this assumption.

- U.S.S. Gladius [SpS]

A Hephaestus Class starship under the command of Captain Brynjar. Noted for assisting the Audentia and the Starfleet Captain during the conduit incident. Also noted for being something of a trouble maker along with the Etoile.

- U.S.S. Etoile [SpS]

An Excalibur Class starship under the command of Captain Vasco. Noted for assisting the Audentia and the Starfleet Captain during the conduit incident. Also noted for being something of a trouble maker along with the Gladius. Despite this, they will often get the job done with surprising efficiency, which is Starfleet keeps them on active duty.


- Delta Volanis Nebula

The Delta Volanis Nebual was discovered by scientists at Memory Alpha when they detected a faint, unexplained energy reading from the nebula. A Starfleet vessel was sent to investigate this strange phenomenom.
During the investigation, it was noted that this nebula was of many colors in the form of a color spectrum. This has led to some nicknaming it the "rainbow nebula." The exact reason for this color effect is still debated by the science community.

Among other things discovered in the nebula is what was initially thought to be a Borg conduit, later to be discovered to not have Borg origins at all. This very conduit was the catalyst to events that quickly snowballed into a battle in the Badlands.

- Near Breshar Planetoid System

A system composed of several planetoids rich in heavy metals. In two of the smallest planetoids, where the Starfleet Ship found the Audentia, the combination of metals makes the planetoids impenetrable to sensor sweeps. This fact came in handy for the Audentia when they used this property to hide from a Breen ship long enough to come up with a plan, which went better than expected due to the distraction provided by the Starfleet Ship.

Since then, there have been several investigations into how these planetoids remain impenetrable to sensor scans, but no one has been able to come up with a definitive answer.

- Memory Alpha

- Near Rashana Winter World:

A temporary title given to this star system. It is said to be "near" because, in relation to other systems around Rashana, this one is one of the nearest, but still several light-years out.

It is called a "winter world" due to its very cold temperatures caused by being on the outer edge of the habitable zone. It does support several kinds of plant and animal life that thrive in temperatures below zero degrees celsius. Heavy winter gear, or even EV suits is advised before setting foot on the planet, especially at or near the poles.

Major Discoveries:
- Abandoned Installation
- Unexplained Structures
- Crystal Deposits

- Near Draylon Tropical World:

The Near Draylon Tropical World is named as such because it is one of the nearest star systems to the Draylon System. The planet that bears the "Tropical World" designation is one of only two habitable worlds that orbits the parent star, and it is by far the most hospitable. The other planet is currently undergoing a very active volcanic period.

Life is found to be in great diversity in this world. One of the more unique features of this planet is the fact that most of the world is tropical, a phenomena still under investigation by the science community.

Also known for having a population of surprisingly large insects.

Major Discoveries:
- Tribble Den
- Energy Ball
- Ancient Ruin

- Near Rator Desert World:

The Near Rator Desert World is named as such because, for one, the planet is almost entirely a desert and it is a star system that is close (relatively) to the Rator System. The desert world is not quite like other deserts worlds in this sector as it sports an unusual crystal flora. These crystals are seen to be covering the planet often making it seem to "sparkle" from space.

Aside from the cystals, there is no animal life to speak of, at least no-one has found concrete evidence of it yet.

Due to the abundance of cystal flora, the atmosphere is filled with floating crystal particles, most of which is found to be harmless. It is still advised that those visiting the planet's surface either wear a breathing mask or limit their time on the surface.

Major Discovery:
- A Long Skeleton

-Unsung Battlefield

Site of a forgotten Dominion War battle


Where the struggle over the conduit reached a climax, and where the purpose of the Borg invasion was revealed.

-Outside the Badlands

_________Factions Involved____________

- Starfleet

- Nausicaan Pirates

- Breen

- Tholians

- Klingon Defense Force

- Tal’Shiar

- Dominion

- True Way

- Caitian Special Forces

- Section 31

- Borg

__________Miscellaneous Information on Key Assets_________

- Omega Molecules [New Variant]
The Starfleet Captian and Admiral Atalanta, during the course of investigating a wreck on a Near Breshar Planetoid, discovered that several of the artifacts contained Omega Molecules, and not of the usual sort. This new variant is more stable and thus more suited as a stable power source for operating conduits.

- Cargo Transports
Moving content from the Delta Volanis Nebula to the new location under hire by Section 31, seven of these ships end up crashing on various planets. Most of these instances were caused by natural phenomena or mechanical issues, but some of them were caused by deliberate attacks by an unknown party.

- Section 31 Technology
The technology that the Starfleet Captain encounters includes drones, unmanned Defiant type vessels, and the Starship Penumbra. Another technology encountered is holographic security squads and runabouts equipped with a cloaking device and more-powerful-than-usual warp drives.

- The Borg Conduit
The catalyst to the events of this series, this was initially thought to be a Borg transwarp conduit, but was quickly discovered to be a transwarp conduit that was not built by the Borg, but by a powerful “force.” It is powered by a special kind of Omega Molecule (referred to as “particles” for most of the series). It needs several of these Molecules to be operational.
It is uncertain on where the conduit connected to, but it is certain that it is nowhere in the Milky Way Galaxy.

- Breen Energy Pulse
A variation of the weapon used in the Dominion War, this weapon was given to the Nausicaan Pirates, under hire by the Breen, to disable ships they encounter near the Breshar System. On of these ships was the Audentia. However, the Audentia proved, in a roundabout way, that they could hold their own even with weapons and engines disabled. Before the Audentia could get weapons to be operational again, the Starfleet Captain had arrived and quickly neutralized the attacking pirate ships.

- The Force from Beyond [New]
[color="Silver"]Little is known about this threat from beyond, which, according to the evidence that can be found, is a largely non-organic in nature, and extremely powerful. One of the only species who are known to have direct contact with them is the Borg, who, in their quest for assimilation had nearly jeopardized themselves and the galaxy. Once the Borg realized that they could not assimilate the force, and fully recognized the danger, had established a blockade and immediately attempted to shut down the conduit. They succeeded, but not before a small invasion fleet had slipped through. The resulting battle was ultimately in the Borg’s favor, but not before several ships from beyond had slipped past the blockade.

The story, as far as a certain “Cobalt” was willing to indulge, was that several ships from this force had broken through the Borg blockade and proceeded for unknown reasons to desolate several worlds. The current tally rests at about 11, possibly 13 worlds that had been nearly or completely desolated by this onslaught, which was done in only six days with three ships.

We are fortunate that the Borg and, with newly obtained information, the Voth had stopped them before they could cause any more damage. Apparently, the only reason that the Borg stopped them was because their “assimilation supply” was in danger.

We are also extremely grateful that this situation did not have the chance to happen again, thanks to the valiant efforts of several Starfleet vessels, particularly two of them.

Considering the size of the galaxy in which we live, Intelligence will be on the alert for any other conduits that lead to another part of the universe, or similar threats. Hopefully we won’t find any.

- Starfleet Intelligence Report.

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# 4 TUM Appendix B
05-28-2014, 07:21 PM
Appendix B: Short Stories

These are little short stories (usually 1-3 paragraphs in length) that I'll write and possibly revise when I find the time. Their purpose is to shed light on events that the player could not witness directly and that could not be told in-game (it's also to give me another outlet for when I feel like writing something). The 'player character' will be referred to as the 'Starfleet Captain' or 'the other Starfleet ship' etc.

[!] Spoilers [!]
The following information will contain spoilers about events and places in the series. Some stories will not contain any mission spoilers and will be marked accordingly.

Stories are in chronological order.

___________________Pre-Series Short Stories_________________

These are stories that occur before the series prologue, A Routine Mission. There is currently only one entry.

- Anomalous Readings - [Spoiler Free]

“Now that's strange” someone said suddenly. “What is it?” the Memory Alpha Star Observatory's Chief T'Hen replied as she walked over to the sensor station. As soon as the she arrived to Sensor Technician William's station, the technician said “Well, first off, I have found a new nebula in the Delta Volanis Cluster.”
“Good work, and the second ‘thing?’”

“The second thing is that my sensors briefly caught some unusual energy signatures in that nebula. They are very faint, so my equipment cannot make any positive identifications. Here’s the thing, it does not appear to be natural and so I believe that something is in there.”


“That’s what I said.”

After scanning the data for a moment, T’Hen then said “Very well, we will need to send a ship into the Delta Volanis Cluster to investigate this strange phenomenon. Since all of our other science vessels are busy conducting other investigations, I will send a request to Starfleet command.”

“I don’t know why, but I feel that this may turn out to be significant.” Williams remarked.


- Lurking in the Shadows - [Spoiler Free]

So Memory Alpha had discovered the anomaly after all, and contacted Starfleet about it. Inconvenient as it was, they could still make the plan work. Their source had promised that the “anomaly” was something very special, and that it was a key to the Federation’s problems. Considering who the source was, and who they had once been, there was little doubt that the anomaly is indeed special. They still had made the necessary steps to insure that the information was legit, as no one can be too careful about this kind of thing.

They still needed to get their hands on it in order to perform an investigation themselves, and the unexpected involvement from Starfleet will complicate matters, but not by much. They will simply wait until they make their discovery, and then they could move in and claim it. They had made the necessary preparations for this kind of eventuality. For now, all they could do was to lurk in the shadows.

___________Supplementary to A Routine Mission_____________
To avoid spoilers, read these stories after playing A Routine Mission.

- Confusion at Memory Alpha -

Memory Alpha was in a state of confusion following the apparent takeover of the Delta Volanis Nebula by another ship known only as the “Penumbra.” That was not the only thing that had happened, as all the data that Memory Alpha could collect about the anomaly had been confiscated by some branch of Starfleet intelligence she had not heard of. They were even ordered to not investigate the anomaly unless they were “supervised.”

T’Hen proceeded to investigate just why this had happened, but could only find that there were a few people who possibly knew what was going on, but were not saying anything. Even a trip to Admiral Quinn’s office yielded nothing, except that the Admiral had found the situation to be very strange as well and had started an investigation of his own. The Captain of that ship that Starfleet had sent to explore the nebula was also asking questions. T’Hen unfortunately could not help them.

A very strange, and rather illogical turn of events this was. It seemed that William's feeling was right after all, also rather illogical.

___________Supplementary to Artifacts_____________

To avoid spoilers, read these stories after playing Artifacts.

- Moving the Conduit -

It was good that Starfleet's ship had been surprisingly thorough 'Captain Ray' mused as he observed the conduit's dismantling. The information that was 'provided' proved to be invaluable in Section 31's research of the conduit and surrounding Borg facilities. After discovering some key facts about the conduit and its builders from surviving Borg records, it was decided that this information must not fall into the hands of the Federation's enemies, and so operation “Rolling Cylinder” was initiated, which was rather strange considering that 'Ray' himself usually never uses operation titles. This operation had required it since Ray's cell could not move the conduit on its own, and so had requested help from any other cells within the organization, which can be seen as highly unusual.

They had even hired at least 20 transports to transport various artifacts, including those found to contain some new kind of Omega Molecule, to the Badlands. These transports were hired, some 'hacked' (autonomous transports) because they possessed the trait of being able to keep quiet and in not asking any questions. It seemed like a good deal. At least up to the point when seven of those transports went missing, the best part being that some of those were carrying the Omega Molecules needed for operating the conduit. Now he has to divert resources into finding them and recovering the key artifacts before someone else does.

- Uninvited Guest -

“I thought I told you not to contact me again.” Admiral Atalanta said to the hologram of who she now knew to be a Section 31 Agent. The guest was unwelcomed as she was in her ready room drowning in paper work. “Circumstances have dictated otherwise, Admiral” said the hologram. “We need you to find and recover several items from several downed transports, one of which is in the Near Breshar System.” “Which we just happen to be passing close to” remarked the Admiral. “Why have these transports caught your attention?”

“Our reports indicate that this transport was hauling some artifacts that we believe may be related to the Iconians. Our sources claim that these artifacts contain information that, if fallen into the wrong hands, may be catastrophic to the Federation.”

“So you are trying to keep some kind of weapon to yourselves aren’t you?”

“Please Admiral, you know us better than that.”

Oh how I wish I didn’t the Admiral remarked to herself. Ever since her first dealings with “Ray,” as the gentleman calls himself, she has disliked the organization. She does not, nor will ever, approve of their methods for dealing with threats, and often wonders when the organization will cross the line and become the very thing they claim to neutralize. She awaits the day when that will happen. For the moment, she supposes that finding these transports may offer an opportunity to learn more about their motives, and if some artifacts are what they’re really searching for. Whatever she may find might come in handy in some way in the future.

“Very well, I’ll look into this potential mess of yours.”

The hologram merely nodded and faded from view.

- Change of Plans –

Things were getting worse. Somehow, several factions had gained the knowledge of the conduits existence and were now searching for it with fervor. The fact that this happened came as a shock to Section 31 cell since they had taken every precaution to prevent this exact possibility. They had even jammed the secure communications frequency needed for any informed ship to inform Starfleet Command about the existence of Omega Molecules, which were linked to the conduit. Luckily, all active factions were looking in the wrong area since the conduit is now being moved, but there were still transport wreckages in the area.

While not ideal, there was no other option. They had to go and get to the wreckages themselves since the Starfleet ships would not be fast enough for their needs. To do this would involve the use of nearly their whole runabout fleet, which could compromise the safety of the conduit’s new location. Considering the stakes they had no choice but to risk it.

That brings about the next problem, how they should deal with any informed Starfleet ships. The answer, or at least the safest course of action, is to neutralize them. Some other faction may end up doing that for them, but in case they failed, they would have to activate their assets.

- The Other Course -

“As it turns out,” Syrilius said as he finished his analysis, “this ship was moving artifacts that are a danger to the Federation, but it is not what they had claimed.” He handed Admiral Atalanta his tricorder for her to observe the Omega symbol on shown on the screen. “Do you know what it means?” inquired Syrilius. “Maybe later,” answered the admiral, “Admiral to the Audentia, one to beam up. I’ll be heading to my ready room, no one is allowed entry understood?” “Loud and clear” answered the ship’s head of security.

When she tried to contact the one group whose job it was to deal with the unexpected find, all she found was static. Section 31 must be jamming the communication frequency for this channel, a fact that is most unsettling. Well, I guess there is only one thing to do… “Bridge this is the Admiral. Have the senior staff report to my ready room.”

___________Supplementary to Escalation_____________
To avoid spoilers, read these stories after playing Escalation.

- Unexpected Find -

“What?” Admiral Atalanta, commander of the Audentia said incredulously to her exec, Captain Talarii. “There is no wreckage Admiral, just a giant crater. Take a look for yourself.” The Admiral quickly glided over to view the execs console readings, which were currently tied to the main sensor array. It confirmed the exec's assessment. What should have been the wreckage of a transport was just a giant, almost half kilometer deep, one and a half kilometer wide crater.

“Could it have been an Ome- uh, 'particle?'” the chief of security asked from across the bridge. “Unlikely...” Commander Syrilius quipped, “..if it was a 'particle' we would not have been able to warp into this system, and by my calculations, this happened 10 hours, 15 minutes ago.” The Vulcan Science Officer's assessment was most likely spot on, which leaves just one other theory.

“Someone else was here” the Admiral stated. “According to these readings...” the science officer said, “..this crater was made with disruptor fire. The residual energy readings indicate closely match to disruptors used by the Klingons.” It at least seemed like something the Klingons would do, after they either got what they came for or if they couldn't get what they came for. Of course it could have been someone else using Klingon Disruptor tech, but the Audentia's recent encounter with them made that seem unlikely. The Admiral returned to her chair and said “Well, let's proceed to the next wreckage on the list. Helm, lay in a course, maximum warp. Comm, establish long range communications with our friends, we should let them know about this...”

- Near Rashana Winter World Report -

There has been an investigation into several discoveries on the Near Rashana Winter World, particularly the ruins. What was initially thought to have been an abandoned military installation is believed to be some kind of ark constructed by a civilization around 783 years ago. Not only that, but what appears on the surface is but the tip of the iceberg. The facility extends downwards some 2000 meters and has an approximate max diameter of 400 meters. While there are several hypothesis on where its builders went, the true story remains a mystery.

One of the other discoveries on the winter world was the sudden appearance of “perfectly smooth,” made entirely of neutronium arches near the crash site of an automated transport. Investigations into these structures have yielded nothing significant so far, although many believe that it was made at least a thousand years before the ark was. The most popular question surrounding these arches is on the subject of how they were constructed, and whether there are any more structures like it on the Winter World.

- Near Draylon Tropical World Report -

That ruin that was discovered on this world was only the tip of the iceberg. An archaeological expedition has found an entrance into the structure only to discover that it was the doorway to a vast metropolis. Very little of it has been explored as of yet, but what has been discovered so far indicates that this place was the home to a culturally advance civilization that we are just beginning to discover. We will be searching for more cities like this in a quest to determine why this civilization has disappeared, quite literally too since we have discovered a library of sorts that is still fully intact.

PS: It appears that the team may have brought along the generators for nothing. This planet is home to energy “bubbles” that, when popped, creates an electromagnetic field that somehow allows us to use equipment that would otherwise require the use of a generator. Our resident science officer is looking into this.

PPS: You wouldn’t believe how many bugs there are.

- Near Rator Desert World Report -

The discovery of the “long skeleton,” the remains of what appears to be a snake-like worm (someone else came up with that description), has sparked a search to find others like it. So far, there has been sightings of at three more of these large, ancient skeletons on at least two of the planet’s continents. The largest of these skeletons, while incomplete, is estimated to have been at least 503.5 meters in length.

This discovery would have been indicative of a vastly different climate in the past, except that seismic readings from several stations on the planet’s surface have detected unusual tremors in one of the continents. Something is moving underground, and many are starting to believe that the planet may not be as lifeless as was initially thought.

- Silent Run -

All was quiet in a Section 31 hired cargo transport, despite the bustle of four Caitian Spec Ops operatives. They purposefully made their way to the end of the transport where their target lay. They knew it was their target as the ship’s manifest was decidedly vague about the contents of one large crate.

As they approached their target they noticed that, under the crate, there was a pressure sensor that was obviously meant to discourage the likes of themselves. Except that these operatives were craftier than the usual sort. Using some specially tuned measuring gear, they had a measurement of how heavy the crate was, and therefore looked around the cargo area for something of suitable weight. They found a couple of them, all in a bag.

As they slowly lifted the target out of the crate, they upended the bag. The resulting squeaks made by the contents of the bag when arriving at their new home momentarily disturbed the quiet of the cargo hold. The team then quickly managed to install the lid before the chorus of agitated purrs became too great. Before leaving, they made some subtle adjustments to the manifest to account for the lessened mass of the bag.

___________Supplementary to Inferno_____________

To avoid spoilers, read these stories after playing Maesltrom.

- A Short Race -

Vasco was not going to be last in this race. “Can you get any more power to the engines?” he asked his chief. “If you want to blow us up, sure.” the chief replied. That was not what he had wanted to hear. So far, it looks as if the Gladius had a speed advantage on Vasco's Etoile. Both ships are racing towards a Starfleet task force in order to inform them of the significance of stopping a conduit from being operational, and they had decided that one of them was going to set a new speed record.

“Incoming message Captain,” his communications officer suddenly said. Could it wait, Vasco thought. “The Audentia is requesting that we return to them to assist them as they make final repairs. Apparently, there is a long story attached. Coordinates provided.” Of course, Vasco thought. “Helm, set a new course...”

- Connections -

“New intelligence report Admiral” an ensign said as he handed Admiral Gautier a data pad. “Thank you Ralph.” said the Admiral as he began to read the report. What in the blazes? He thought as he finished reading it. According to the report, there was a startling variety of ships making their way at best possible speed towards the Badlands. This seemed just a little out of place on the eve of an imminent Borg invasion, and according to reports this invasion will not be relegated to the Federation's borders. The nature of this 'scattershot' offensive seemed a little odd as well since the Borg was almost always displayed precision in past offensives. Could the two be connected... the Admiral wondered.

Speaking of which, where was that ship he sent to find the Audentia? Actually, he was wondering where both ships were, and what was happening that was preventing them from reporting in. Sometime after sending a Starfleet vessel in a search operation to the Near Breshar Planetoid System, a Starfleet ship, the U.S.S. Validus, happened to be in range of the star system when its long range sensors detected energy discharges that match the signature of phaser and disruptor fire. Upon reaching the system, however, the only thing they found was a wreckage and signs of what used to be a temporary Starfleet Research Camp. The Validus, following warp trails, has been trying to find them ever since, and Admiral Gautier himself has been keeping tabs with it. Whatever it was the Audentia and the other one had gotten themselves into, it must be important.

“Admiral, we have received an update from the Validus” the ensign suddenly announced, to which the Admiral responded “Let me see it.” The news was interesting. Apparently, both the Audentia and the other one had rendezvoused in a system near Rator. More than that, there was a very recent remnants of a battle between Klingons, Romulans, Dominion and… Tholians and Breen? Somehow, I think all these events are connected… the Admiral mused.

- Usless Cargo -

“Okay, seriously, what are we supposed to do with these?” a Section 31 agent uttered as he opened a crate full of purring fur. “Don't ask me. That was apparently what was in the pods, which I was contracted to deliver here, and I don’t make a habit of asking questions” the merchant responded. “They’re just fuzz balls!... you know what, just put them over there.”

- Easing Pressure -

“Five spheres and one cube are inbound” the Audentia's tactical officer chimed. Could be worse, Atalanta thought to herself. “Correction, I'm picking up seven spheres.” Well, at least this should be a challenge the Admiral thought dryly. The Audentia, Etoile, Gladius and several other ships, in no small part due to the chaotic entrance of the Breen and Tholians were many kilometers away from where the main conflict will be, but at least here they could attempt to stall the Borg advance on one front to ease the pressure on the newly formed allied fleet. A fleet that had to stand its ground to prevent the Borg from reaching the conduit and its adjacent facilities.

“You wouldn't happen to have any unusual solutions for this little conundrum would you?” the chief engineer remarked. The Admiral heard this as she was pondering the already large amount of debris in the area. “Chief, how are our tractor beam emitters?” she asked the chief. “Still functioning...” the chief trailed off as he considered the debris, particularly the largely intact hulk of a Tholian Cruiser in a new light. Deja vu.. he thought rather gloomily.

“Tell the fleet to cover us, if this works that cube may cease to be a problem, and get the Etoile to help us out” Atalanta ordered.

- An Aftermath Analysis -

The explosion should have been larger. Omega Molecules are known to have the capacity to destroy subspace for light-years, but this explosion was barely that in diameter. Just the fact that it was an entirely new kind of molecule is not enough of a reason for the explosion to be this small. There had to have been another factor.

The conduit may have been that other factor as it was active when the explosion occurred. As near as the Omega Force Squad assigned to do cleanup work could make out, the conduit had “vacuumed” most of the explosive energy into the ‘wormhole’ it had produced. Essentially, the conduit had imploded on itself shortly after blowing up. Where all that energy went is still a mystery, but it could be that the energy had gone to the other, connected conduit and destroyed that as well. It is hoped that this did not overly aggravate whoever was on the other side.

The other thing that the Omega Force team found a little odd was why the Audentia and the other Starfleet vessel failed to contact them as the whole situation was unfolding. Of course they did ask them, but their answer was that an organization called “Section 31” must have prevented them from doing so through unknown means. The idea that this could happen is a little unsettling to say the least.

- Elachi Puzzle -

“Many who were involved in the battle around “the conduit” have either missed, or simply didn’t care that several ships were Elachi. These unexpected, and largely unnoticed group had even transported several units to the station. Just what they were doing was the subject of an investigation that lasted several weeks. Their reports indicate that, although the Elachi had suffered heavy casualties, they appeared to have succeeded in whatever it was that they were doing there. With your permission, I intend to launch an investigation of my own for the purpose of following up on the previous investigation. My science officer has a theory that she would like to try out, and if she is right we may have a problem.

PS: I will be honored to help set up the New Year’s Celebration Party.”

- A message from Captain Ansgar, CO USS Validus, to Admiral Quinn.

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# 5 TUM Appendix C
05-28-2014, 07:23 PM
Appendix C

I accidentally deleted these.


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# 6 On a New Year's Eve
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Stand Alone Project:

A New Year's Eve.

Coming Holiday 2014.

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# 7 Spill over, new project
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[Turns out I may not use this space after all. I've decided to not continue running this thread as there is very little interest in my missions. Yes, it could be used as my advertising spot, but it doesn't seem to have worked, likely due to my missions not being all that interesting.]

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And I thought my thread was big XD.

I still need to review your finale of unsung if they ever turn reviews back on..
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And this is not its final form...

You should try playing through my other missions again when you have the time. I have made some changes to them, a little more than I thought come to think of it. Also, don't feel like you need to be in a rush to review Maelstrom, I can be patient (especially when I've been able to really polish it ).

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Well, reviews come back tomorrow so I can finally crack down on my list.
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