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after first week of playing.

it played great in starting missions, but came up seeing many problems.

skill tree? horrible set up of mixed combat and ship skills, and secondary trees, to unlock officer ranks and captians.
if i am playing tactic tree captian, then why having to spend few points on disk array or engineer mastery?

combat skills and bridge officer skill selections? argh, very clumpsy, there no books to guide or help planning a blueprint for officers's skills.
it hurts when i go to ground mission for away team, often i was outmatched when i see 3 or more elites hostile officers when my crew are still in ensign ranks. it very are to find decent weapons to upgrade my crews.
space combat, few times i had met "Flagships" and i cant beat those, not unless if you had correct skills and rares to give an edge.

skills capped, but it still feel too weak, modifiers need redo and tweak a bit.

on away team's ground mission, elite bosses should drop nice rewards, often i came thru empty handed in most mission or very little foods or low valued drops when i need more for "Aid the planet", often i can to cancel missions if hostile groups are too strong and redo some system encounters that are randomly.

explore delta get very repitive and it get old fast when in lietantant ranks, took long time to reach Lt Commander. i feel very under funded when reaching tier 2.
maybe i get bad random rewards too low, just hit 20k credit at Lt Commander and heard that many Lt commander had more than 50k credits after promotion.

Memory Alpha? i skip that, and only see 1 npc was available, other tradables are hard and scared to find to make decent upgrades, but already outgrowned.

here my list.

Fix and rearrange skill professions that make sense, make combat tree to unlock new altenative skills instead of using merits or buy/train skills.

new ship skills, if you pick your avatar a tactic officer, make new skill tree, spending points on science or engineer is wasted template or wrong avatar template unless if trying to mastered science ship as tactic or hybrids.

Aid the Planets, need some works, some players may not have all day finding a system to return with supplies, make those supplies drop more often in exploring zones, i have seen lot of foods, but that way too cluttersome, could "consolidated" as Klingon Rations, or Orion/Ferengi Rations instead of hundreds of names unless they have to be "unique" ration loots.
Reducing those variety foods will help seeing increased drops of aid supplies, and possiblity of random rares and uncommons dropped from bosses and elite bodygaurds.

most ground missions are bare of cargo boxes, random rations should be drop from normal officers, would be nice to see few uncommons and vendor loots from cargo boxes.
it should help me feel if i did make my crew some upgrades when needed.

ship combats need some adjustments, i dont often seen much cargo drops, throwing few aid supplies will help.

duty quest, sector missions, system assignments, and fleet calls need better rewards.
doing ground mission required from admirals, they should give upgrade combat weapons or armor of choice selections for your avatar and get one for bridge officers.
for ship combat missions, they should give a refit upgrades for shield, arrays, cannons, or faster engines made for each tier ships.
keep rares as bonus drops, they shouldnt be on fixed elite encounters where the others would exploit and farm.
make rares as unpredictable as any encounters instead of those over-camped spawns, that will give many other players a chance if they cant get from those.

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