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02-12-2010, 01:01 AM
Originally Posted by Ksblair View Post
Its harder to implement than you all think IMO. Combat is based on a 180 degree plane, even when you are pitched up at 45 degrees on the Z axis you are still combat wise focused on the flat plane.

Adding 360 degrees means they have to completely redo the combat mechanics in regards to how weapons are fired off in their cone of attack to accommodate a sphere of potential directions rather than a circle of potential directions.

Otherwise your cone of attack will have to be completely independent of where your ship is actually facing which would be retarded. (My ship is facing directly up but my guns are firing out of my ships belly)

I think 360 movement SHOULD happen but lets not kid ourselves into thinking this is a weekend fix. Just flip the old 360 switch and we are done. This probably will require quite a bit of recoding and rethinking of game mechanics.

I say we let them polish up and fine tune the system we have currently before diving into any large changes, but that's me. I would prefer to see more difficulty added first. I have all these strategic tools I'm desperate to use but so far haven't had a challenge to really flex their muscles.
No one said anything about it being a weekend fix or this or that, you're creating strawmen to back up your assumption that it is a difficult thing to do.

It isn't, period.

I urge all of you to look up two mods for Freelancer one "Discovery" and the other "FL:CE" both of which I helped develop. In FL:CE we completely changed the games flying mechanics to Newtonian physics. Completely changed how the game handled space flight and that change took us just a few months with a relatively small modding crew.

It was the modeling, the coding and the animations that cost us time.

Flight mechanics are a very easy change, simply because you cannot grasp it yourself or how it is done does not make it innately difficult as a standard.
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Originally Posted by naenee View Post
That said, the ships in-game move like they do, because the ships in the show, apart from one or two exceptions, move like submarines.
There are examples in the shows and movies where the ships are pretty agile. What people who the "it's not like that in the show" argument forget, is that it has more to do with camera and film technique than actual limitations on the Star Trek ships in the lore. There are actually not that much all directional movement in the Star Wars space fights either (with a few exceptions), and that's because they don't want the audience to puke in their laps while watching.

In Bridge Commander, if I don't remember wrong, you had a whole lot more of freedome when it came to the movement compared to STO.

Also, I don't think that many people actually want to do loops and barrel rolls. What people really want is to go straight up and straight down, so that you don't have to make a spiral to reach objects that are directly above/below your ship.
Either that or the ability to raise/lower the elevation without actually tilting the ship at all (and this is canon - it's done both vs Khan and in the latest movie).

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