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# 1 Klingon PVP - SPACE 101
02-10-2010, 10:32 PM
Klingon PVP – Space 101

I titled this Klingon 101 because I have very limited experience in fed pvp. I reached Commander 2 in Beta and am at the time of this posting a Lt Commander Grade 4 in Klingon pvp. These are basic tips, clues, tactics and strategies that I hope will help other Klingon players and improve our over-all performance in Space Based pvp in the early going; often to the seasoned player they will seem obvious or “noob” but still I feel they need to be stated based on my observations.

I'm not sure how much of this will be transferable to higher lvl pvp but do believe it will make a significant difference in the first two grades of Space pvp for klingons; if it get's read. This article will undoubtedly be used against me by Fed pvp enthusiasts but so be it. I'm not sure if I'd consider it a “guide” that's up to you to decide. (that rhymed) I'd like to present a set of simple rules for Space Based Klingon pvp. They apply to nearly all the various early instances and some have universal application.

1.Power Levels. These are the values indicated by the window next to your ship shields. The first is weapons, second shields, third engines, forth aux. Don't attack something if your weapons and shields are below 50. Weapons below 50 do little to nothing, what is the point of coming out of cloak to help a teammate or gank a fed if your weapons' fire is so weak it might as well not exist. Full Impulse drains all of these save engine, don't come out of Full Impulse and expect to lay down massive damage. (NOTE: this does not effect torpedo weapons, or abilities based on crew)

2.Cloak. You can't cap an area on a “hold” map while cloaked, you must be uncloaked. Furthermore, battle cloak doesn't prevent damage, it's not an escape ability per-say. Rather you wish to reach 10km before you cloak. Also taking in the damage sent your way prior to 10km is smart since you have ZERO shields when you hit that cloak button.

3.Alignment and Throttle. As a Klingon in early pvp alignment is your biggest advantage. In a Bop (Bird of Prey) or Raptor you are turning as well as a FED escort or better (Raptor/Fed Escort = 16 turn, BoP = 22 turn; base value). Throttling down to turn faster is a staple of physics based games and real world application. If you want to turn fast, break into the turn (throttle down) and accelerate into the turn (throttle up 1/3 to ˝ into the turn).

4.Beam Weapons. While they look way cool, beam weapons prior to any kind of cruiser is a DPS gimp. At Lt Commander you have a choice between Raptor or BoP. The Raptor has an EQUAL turn rate to the Fed Escort, the BoP has a 6 point higher turn rate (16 vs 22). To use Dual Beams or any kind of beam weapon be it front or rear is folly. You can easily line up opponents in your 45 degree firing field for max effect. Considering the rear, having that extra turret cannon firing forward is greater then the minute damage inflicted by a ream beam when running. Beam Weapons also use more weapon power then Cannons. Depleting your weapon power faster.

5.Jam Sensors. (NOTE: author was hoping he didn't have to make this entry but it's clear from observation he does) DON'T js(Jam Sensors) on a target right away or when aiding a friend. There is ZERO point to it. I'll break this down into to sections of tactical relation.

a. 1v1.
Don't JS right away. Wait till your facing shield, or if you highly out maneuver the opponent BoP vs Cruiser, all shields are near limit, THEN JS, don't JS early. Use it as a time to do damage while your shields Recharge.

b. assist 2v2+.
If your moving in to help a friend JS is your worst option and your last option. Ideally you decloak at 9km from your FRIEND and apply what aid (ST, ET, TS, etc) to that person and then fire on their target. At no point do you apply JS (Jam Sensors). There is no point in it. YOU have entered the fight, presumably at a higher shield and hull rating then your ally. THEY will be taking the majority of the fire. Save JS until your ally is killed. If another enemy joins the fight it's best to leave anyways but if they target you that is a good JS.


In my experience the following have proven themselves and only assess those I've had personal experience with (Commander). They are graded from Ens to LtC. I provide explanation as to why I've found them valuable. NOTE: you will not be able to acquire all of these skills, rather it is a pick and choose list.


EptE (Emergency Power to Engines): I advocate this over EptS for any Sci or Eng Captain because they get you out of bad situations or get you into favorably situations without loosing power lvl to shild or weapons.

HE (Hazard Emitters - SCI) I like this over Polarize Hull (which gets you out of Trac Beams and other slow effects) because it also applies a nice Hull HoT. Some will argue, but as an early SCI ability I'll take a nice hull repair HoT over escape abilities of which the Klingon have plenty. NOTE: PH (Polarise Hull) is another very good ability for escaping Tac Beams and other slows... it doesn't not however repair hull only adds a resistance to hull damage.

JS (Jam Sensors) Highly effective if used correctly, see above.

ST (Science Team) I'd only refer this if your an ENG Captain and already have RSF (Rotate Shield Frequency). This allows you to have self shield buff and a self/ally shield buff.

THY (aka: HYT) (Torpedo: High Yield) It's the best single target torpedo attack, requires some timing, make sure shields are down and the enemy can't turn to face another shield before the torpedo impact.


ENG: (at the Lt Commander):
IN BoP OR Raptor:
RSP(Revers Shield Polarity) simply the best ability you can get in space as an eng bo. It does have a very clear graphical signature but never the less it is worth the price, making you immune to energy damage which actually provides you with greater shield power, only thing to worry about in torps. Frankly I've yet to encounter a Kling or FED that stops firing when I activate the green shields. Best used when your really low all around, however if your low rear and running and have no batteries or other abilities it's a fail safe.

SCI: (at the Lt Commander): Like before has a number of options depending on play style.

HE2: (Hazard Emitters 2): If you don't have them at tier 1 they are a great hull repair/cleanse ability.

PH2: (Polarise Hull 2): An excellent get out of slows (tractorbeam) ability with hull resists. A must at higher lvls in some form.

ST2: (Science Team 2): Another Sci Team, better then the first, depends on your play style.

PO: (Photonic Officer): This is what I chose. I loose out on some nice abilities but my others are more available. It's a matter of choice in the science profession. Generally allot of them can be uses in 1/4th of situations but which ones to pick? PO is a simple across the board operator.

APB: (Attack Patter Beta): If you have a Tac Lieut spot and don't pick this then your retarded. The system target abilities are nice but this is an all around ability that provides you with substantial dps increase and aid to other mates. While abilities like HY2 (high yield II) and Fire at Will or Overload might be a appealing, APB applies a damage resistance debuff from ANY attack you do OR your allies. It's simply a hands down winner for a Tac Lieut at this lvl. NOTE at higher lvls things change and depending on your career/ship path this may not work for you. But at Lt Commander if you go with a Lt BO it's the best bet.

My honest hope is that they help others get a grasp of the game, as well as others posting their pvp experiences of what worked and what didn't. I plan to do a ground, but ground pvp is pretty universal, at least with space there is some various in the ship type.

So please add your comments on Tactics relating to Klingon pvp and help us get better as a whole so I don't have to loose all the time.

P.S. I was drunk at the time of this posting, but reading it I think it can hold it's own.
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02-10-2010, 10:39 PM
I skimmed through this and this sums up a lot of strategy I'd share with noobs if I was inclined to make a well written post like this. Good post.

Now if only someone would do this for Feds.
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# 3
02-10-2010, 10:45 PM
Originally Posted by SpaghettiMonster
I skimmed through this and this sums up a lot of strategy I'd share with noobs if I was inclined to make a well written post like this. Good post.

Now if only someone would do this for Feds.
That's all I intended it to be... a "get you up to speed" post. If we can all play at some base lvl I think pvp will improve.
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# 4
02-10-2010, 11:33 PM
Not recommending Cannon Rapid Fire for Lt Tactical? I find it's great for that initial attack run out of cloak ...
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02-10-2010, 11:57 PM
Originally Posted by UlfricDraka View Post
Not recommending Cannon Rapid Fire for Lt Tactical? I find it's great for that initial attack run out of cloak ...
Only if your energy lvl is high and again shields are only half the battle. And the easier Half if I might say so. Coming out of cloak and being able to lay down a THY off the cloak will = death if their shields are down. Yes CRF is good, but I said it's more situational then APB. APB will give you a resistance buff to you and ANY alllies firing... but CRF is ONLY you. It's a Guide not law in stone... I find that APB is more versatile than CRF when using a tac BO as my Lt.

So CRF is an options, I don't find it as versatile as APB, but it is an option. It's probably a better 1v1 option for sure.
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02-11-2010, 08:15 AM
I would highly reccommend engineering team instead of any other engineering ability. Engineering Teams save lives and provide a good damage resist, especially combined with Hazard Emitters.

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