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# 1 AI Personality?
02-11-2010, 07:14 AM
Is there or are there any plans for MORE AI personality options, something like this.

Instead of my Officers standing there with a weapon or playing with their tribble, can I make it so they scan the area or study objects around them, I dont know just have them seem a bit more like the series, first thing they do when beaming down is study their area, maybe scan the area with tricorder, pick objects. look around rocks or planet near them, something like that other then just standing there with a rifle would make it a bit more trekkie, mind you this is when there isnt any combat going on, like diplomatic missions or just just non combat situations, must they have their weapon drown out all the time?

maybe Cryptic can make it so when I put my weapons away they would too ALSO be in a different mode, an exploration mode if you will?

I dont know, it would nice..either way I love the game

So far i only seen them play with tribbles and maybe eat something, unless im missing something :/

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